Colton Underwood ‘blinded’ by ordering Casey Randolph to be restrained, bachelor’s ex-girlfriend not seen for a month

Casey Randolph has been charged with hacking to death after the split against Colton Underwood. Peak Credit: ABC

It was revealed yesterday that Casey Randolph has filed a restraining order against Colton Underwood in a report that shook the Bachelor Nation.

The former bachelor couple split earlier this year and promised to be friends. They even got matching tattoos to prove that they still love each other, even to prove that they loved each other.

Casey Randolph’s claims are unsettling

As the demand trend unfolded in the addition order, bachelor fans were shocked to learn that Casey Randolph accused Colton Underwood of fitting a tracking device to his car. She further claimed that her ex-boyfriend was sending harassing text messages.

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He also claimed in the control order documents that Colton had been declared at his apartment in Los Angeles and at his parents’ home in Huntington Beach.

The report further claims that The Bachelor star was hanging out of her bedroom window once outside her parents’ house at 2 p.m.

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Casey further claimed that Colton had accused her of spending time with an ex-boyfriend, saying it would be nothing of business after the break-up in April.

Colt Underwood was “surprised” by withholding the order

Kelsey Underwood seems to be as surprised at the controlling order as Casey Randolph’s Bachelor Nation.

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In fact, someone close to the bachelor star told In Touch that Colton hadn’t seen Cassie in a month.

“He came to Colorado and was surprised by all this. He was completely blind, “the source said.

Colton was missing from social media that did not coincide with the report. Soon, news broke that he was taking some breaks and spending some time with a few boys from Bachelor Nation.

It wasn’t long before Cassie expressed her displeasure at Casey’s production of The Bachelor in an attempt to reveal more details about her breakup. He was upset that Chris Harrison had stabbed him for some reason after he and Colton agreed to keep matters citizen.

Now, it looks like all the citizenship is out the window because he is not allowed to come anywhere to her and she can no longer communicate with him.

The bachelor is currently out and is expected to return to ABC in early 2021.

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