Colin Copernicus has signed a multi-project agreement with Disney

By Alexa May Aspirin and NextStar MediaWire

Posted: July 6, 2020 / 02:56 AMDT / Updated: July 6, 2020 / 02:56 AMDT

SAN FRANCISCO (Caron) – Colin Capernic has signed a deal with Disney to make an exclusive documentary, ESPN announced Monday.

The deal involves multiple projects, including a documentary series on the last five years of the former NFL quarterback’s life, according to KApernik’s production company RA Vision Media.

For Disney, the series will cover Kafernik’s final season with the San Francisco 49.

Another project, according to ESPN, includes both scripted and unregistered stories of caste, unethical explorers.

In a statement, Capneric said he was looking forward to the partnership.

“I encourage Black & Brown to announce this historic historical partnership with Disney across all of its platforms to develop directors, creators, storytellers and producers and inspire young people with compelling and authentic perspectives,” Capernic said in a statement. “Looking forward to sharing documentaries on my life story in addition to many other culturally influenced projects I’m developing.”

Last week, it was announced that filmmakers Ava Duverne and Kepnarik are partnering with Netflix for a limited series based on their high school years.

Kepnarik, who appeared as himself, will also perform and narrate the series. An actor will play the role of the young Capernicus.

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