Colin Black & White Release Date | Plot, cast, trailer

Ava Duvern has been behind Netflix’s most acclaimed and needed projects in recent years – 13th and Minor when they show us – and has teamed up with filmmaker Colin Copernicus for a brand new project.

Black and White in Colin will take a look at the teenage life of a man who became an NFL player and a key figure in the fight against police brutality.

Here’s what you need to know about this series …

Colin in Black and White is published on Netflix?

There is no date yet for when the series will air – and as it has not yet gone into production we may still face a relatively long wait, especially given the continued disruption of film and TV disasters propagated by the coronavirus epidemic.

What we do know, however, is that the series consists of six episodes, written by Duverne, Capernic and Emmy Award-nominated Michael Starbury, and the scripts ended in May.

What is Colin in Black and White?

The series will take a look at the adolescence of NFL player and civil rights activist Colin Kepernick as he grew up black in a white family and also talks about rising to the top NFL quarterbacks in the San Francisco 49ers.

After announcing the show, Duvernne said, “By performing his protest, Colin Copernicus unveiled a national dialogue about football, culture, and race and justice with far-reaching consequences for him personally.

“Colin’s story has a lot to say about identity, sport and protest and a lasting sense of resilience. I can’t be happier than to tell this story to the team on Netflix.”

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Copernicus himself adds: “We often see race and black stories illustrated through white lenses.

“We try to give a new perspective to the different realities that blacks face. Seek I discover in my high school years, the racial conflict that I faced as an accepted black man in a white community. It is an honor to bring these stories to life in collaboration with Avar to see the world.

Who is Colin’s actor in Black and White?

No official casting has been announced yet – but Netflix has revealed that Copernicus himself will act as the narrator of the series. We’ll keep you updated as we get more information about the cast.

Colin in the Black and White trailer

There is no trailer for the series yet – and it may be a while before one lands – but check back and we’ll post as soon as we get it.

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