Cole, Stanton led the Yankees past Citizens storm MLB opener

WASHINGTON – The epidemic-short Major League Baseball season kicked off on Thursday night with zero fans, with civic star Juan Soto quidding for Covid-19 and giving champion Washington a 4-1 win over the New York Yankees behind Gerrit Cole. Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge.

What started as a mega, cloudy evening, the temperature was around 90 degrees, it turned into a heavy rain, filled with thunderstorms, lightning and wind gusts, provoking delays at the top of the sixth inning.

After waiting 1 hour, 58 minutes – for more than 15 minutes of play – the game stopped and went to the books as New York won.

Three-time Sea Young Award winner Max Scherzer (0-1) had 11 runs and was still playing for the Citizens when the action stopped, with his pitch numbering close to 100. He allowed NL MVP Stanton a two-run homer in 2013 to travel 459 feet in the first, an RBI double 2017 third-time jazz AL Rookie and an RBI single at Stanton in fifth place.

Cole (1-0) looked a bit at the player the Yankees expected $ 324 million, on a nine-year deal, which was the biggest deal for Kalsi. He left just one hit in his five innings: the first of Adam Eaton’s single shots – a ball that landed on one of the blue ad tarps that now stretches to unused seats in National Park.

Instead of the traditional 162 – at least the initial 162 – with only 60 games planned as a regular season, its official start will be 40,000 or so, usually the opening day in DC – and with a change in the original rules.

These include Thursday’s deal to extend the playoffs from 10 to 16; Using designated hitters in every game, not in American league balparks; Jimmy Runner on-second-base to start every half-inning extra.

At the most polarized time in the United States, of course, those people were happy, and perhaps relieved, that one of North America’s major sports – the so-called national hobby – had finally returned, playing the real game on Thursday.

And of course, those who were wondering were wondering if playing these games is a good idea as the prevalence of COVID-19 continues to grow in different parts of the country.

As a fitting choice for the Citizens ’Title and the Black Lives Matter movement’s joint event – players from both teams jointly grabbed a long black piece, then knelt over the foul line before standing up for the national anthem – Dr. .The country’s top infectious disease specialist Anthony Foucault threw the first pitch after a mask.

His toss missed that mark a lot.

266 days into the final game of the World Series – Game 7 began for Scherzer’s Cole’s former team, the Houston Astros, for Washington, and marked the longest gap between Thursday’s games since the professional baseball league began in 187171.

“Long wait,” said Yankees shortstop Gleber Torres.

And nothing really common about it.

There are a variety of protocols aimed at protecting people, including spitting out players, banning masked umpires and frequently testing new coronaviruses – Soto was on a specially injured list for illness on Thursday after his positive results returned. The Yankees’ closest Arldis Chapman was already on that list. Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross – two civilian players on the roster due to health concerns

Even though the stadium was closed to the public, some people watched from the porch of at least one high-rise building nearby. Meanwhile, the voices of the fake crowd were spread through the speakers in the stadium, adding bizarre elements to the disturbing atmosphere.

“It feels weird,” New York outfielder Brett Gardner said hours before the game. “It feels different.”

Coming next

After the Friday break, the series resumed Saturday night, with World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg pitching for Washington against James Paxton of New York. Rainfall is forecast again.

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