Cohen Pete Carroll regrets that Colin Kepernick did not sign

Renton, Wash. – Seattle Islands coach Pete Carroll reviewed the team’s history with Colin Copernicus on Thursday and regretted that he did not give Copernicus the opportunity.

During training in Seattle, Kepnerick was brought in for the 201st season, and one more visit was canceled. Carol said at the time that Seattle had decided not to take Cape Town on board because it was considered more of a beginner than a backup.

Carol reiterated this position, but said that in the extreme case he would like to hit Capernicum, even if it meant it had an unusual role as a backup tool for Russell Wilson. Carol indicated that she believed Seattle, which had moved to Cape Cod, had hit hard to start somewhere else.

“I’m sorry, we just didn’t come back one way to do it when we just did it, even though I thought it wasn’t the right time for us,” Carol said. “It simply came to our notice then that I did not consider him a high-ranking official, and I did not want to see him as a backup quarterback. And it didn’t feel right, so I felt it.

“It simply came to our notice then. We were a part of it when we were given the time to do it. “

It is believed that Seattle is the only team to have brought in Copernicus for meetings and training sessions since they last played in the league in 2016.

Carol said she received the first call from another team about talking to Capernicus about what happened Thursday.

“Even after all that, years later, I’ve never had a phone call, I’ve never talked to another coach about it, I’ve never talked to anyone before. I got a phone call today, ”Carroll said. “I’m not going to tell you who he was. I received a phone call today where I was reading and asking about the situation. So anyone cares, you know, and we see what happens to it. “

Kepnerik’s knee protest has come back to haunt everyone, who was arrested by George Floyd’s police in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death sparked protests around the world that focused on racism and police brutality, issues that Kepernic tried to highlight while bowing his head during the national anthem four years ago.

Carol praised Carnicum for talking about preparation and focusing on the topics now discussed.

“He was just then,” Carol said. “It is now clear that perhaps all the bites that flew in honor of the flag, and all the things that were not part of the protest, or what its purpose was, reduced the whole discussion. I don’t think about it right now. This time it’s different. “

Carol said she welcomed the in-depth conversation that took place during the party meeting as a sign of protest. Players are open to sharing experiences, listening to others, and he thinks this will result in more connected locks in the house.

“It simply came to our notice then. It will give them a whole new perspective on the world and I think they are all doing better than what they are focusing on, ”Carroll said.

Note: Carroll says new CB Quinton Dunbar left the team a few days ago after being arrested in Florida on charges of armed robbery, but he has been part of the group’s virtual meetings for the past few weeks. Carol declined to discuss the details of the conversation with Dunbar. “We are very open to discuss what is happening. The whole process is going on, ”Carroll said.

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