Cobra Kai: When will the 3rd season come?

Image Source: Everett Collection

If you are already waiting for three seasons Where is the cobra?, Our good news! It’s been a year since last season – although the show only debuted on Netflix this August – and it will be a bit longer before the new season arrives. After making its debut earlier this season on January 8, 2021, Netflix has moved the release date to New Year’s Day! That’s right, you can start the new year with a whole new batch of episodes.

Unlike the first two seasons, the third season will be Netflix exclusive: the first two seasons started on YouTube Red in 2018 and 2019 by Netflix in August 2020, but all three seasons will come to Netflix from the start.

Where is the cobra? It’s one of several “sequel” revival TV shows that have aired over the years, telling the story. Karate children. Young Lawrence and Daniel Larso followed – starring William Jabka and Ralph McChio – after decades of youth rivalry as they both struggled with their families and professional lives. Also on the show were Courtney Henzila as Amanda La Rousseau, Joko Meriduessa as Miguel Diaz, Tanner Buchanan as Rabbi Kane, Mary Mauser as Samantha Larso and Martin Cove as John Cree. The first two seasons are fully available for viewing on Netflix, so you can totally get caught when the third season arrives on January 1, 2121!

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