Cobra Kai star Ralph McChio has revealed 3 plots for the alternate season

Netflix’s third series The Karate Kid Spin-Off Cobra Kai came streaming on New Year’s Day.

Full of action and ‘80s pop culture references, season three continues the lives of longtime karate rivals Daniel Larso (Ralph McChio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Jabka).

But it also brought back a character that fans of the original films could recognize, whose return was hinted at earlier in the season. If you haven’t seen Cobra Kai season three, now is the time to watch.

Yes, that’s right, Ali Mills is back in his Valley this season. Elizabeth Shu reconnected with her episode and re-released the role for the latest episode.

McCoy, however, revealed that the writers had alternative plans, if his former co-star had not been present.

“There was an alternative plan if he wasn’t available,” McChio says (becoming a polygon). “When did we find out? My guess is it’s been going on during the entire shooting of three seasons. It was, you know, the logical side of it, at least from my point of view. I think when I got the scripts I actually figured out how to make it work. “

According to the actor, the authors revealed that it was actually Ali’s husband, cancer specialist Dr Gregory Schwarber, who sent Johnny a Facebook message rather than his former.

“That was the fall, from our writing on how we’re going to get out of the house,” McCoy added, “which will be her husband trying to Facebook with Johnny.”

Although it was revealed that Ali had recently separated from her husband, nothing happened between the pair, but Shive should change when she returns to the fourth series.

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