Coach Max Rohskoff has protested not to stop fighting even after repeated calls

The MMA world is talking Max Rohskoff Octagon debuted today. However, unfortunately for the lighter expectation, it is due to controversy and in some cases resentment, about how his fight ended. UFC Vegas 3.

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Robert Driesdale defended without stopping the fight

Rohskoff received a call at short notice to face Austin Hubbard in the prelims for Saturday’s card. At first, Rohskoff demonstrated the sport of wrestling and submission, which encouraged hype.

However, as soon as the fight started, Rohskoff got tired enough and he also ate a lot of shots. After the second round, the Bloody Warrior was able to tell his coach Robert Drysdale that he was done.

Drydale, however, tried to pump the fighter and encouraged him to continue fighting. According to an ESPN report, however, Max Rohskoff could be heard saying nine times that he wanted the fight to end.

Highly-shaken citizens did not say anything to officials Rohskov wanted to stop the fighting. The Fighter told the commission inspector that he wanted to stop it, until the obstruction was stopped

At the end of the fight, Drysdale was contacted by ESPN, and he had this to say about the incident.

“I’m standing by what I’ve done,” Drydale said. “I expect excellence from those I have trained because I love them. He was not seriously injured, and I felt he needed to be given a stress. I would expect the same from my coach.

“We’re back. Max Champion”

“The job of those coaches is to put pressure on their fighters physically, technically and mentally. I did my job and I have no regrets because I believe Max has the potential to be one of the greatest. “

“I stand by what I have done. I expect encouragement from those I have trained because I love them. (Max Rohskoff) was not seriously injured, and I felt he needed to be given a stress. That’s what I would expect from my coach, “Robert Drysdale told RealHelwani.

– ESPN MMA (@SPNMA) June 21, 2020

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The report also includes a statement from NSAC executive director Bob Bennett, who said it.

“It’s something we take a look at. We want to take disciplinary action against them. It doesn’t sound like they’re looking for a fighter. Obviously, he didn’t want to come out (and fight).”

What next?

So, it will be interesting to see what it comes from. Trying to motivate coaches to continue fighting is nothing new. In this example, however, no matter how many times Rohskoff has said he wanted to get out, it’s no surprise to see the blow back online.

Warrior director Brian Butler sent the statement to ESPN.

Butler said: “Weight loss on a short notice combined with a toe injury on a pruritic turf and both were unable to cope.”

“I didn’t think the turf toe would be a problem, but he just couldn’t keep up with the fatigue. He’ll take some time to recover.”

Rohskoff, 25, went 5-0 in the pro-bout before UFC Vegas 3.

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