/Club kids are planning a Michael Alig Memorial in Green-Wood

Club kids are planning a Michael Alig Memorial in Green-Wood

After a few weeks of fighting with Michael Alig’s mother LK Blair over his remains, the club kids have found their happy ending.

They originally hoped Blair would give them a portion of their ashes, which they could install at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

But while Blair has refused to share the ashes with them, they are still planning a permanent “digital memorial” for him in the famous cemetery.

Alig’s successor Jason Chaos and longtime traitor Rachel Kane told us they would remember him “spiritually” after they gave up the ugly battle against the remnants of Club Kid Killer.

“We needed something for that, [so] We found a different way to hug Michael, “Kane said. We were told the installation would have a time capsule inside a digital memorial.

The promoter of the famous party – who led the Club Kid movement until he was jailed for the murder of Andre “Angel” Melandez in 1996 – died of a suspected overdose the day before Christmas.

Chaos adds: “I will make a box where we can put everything he likes; And his fans, too, can keep something for Michael. And when the time is right, we’ll have a ceremony to close the niche in Green-Wood.

According to a Page Six report, Kane organized a GoFundMe to pay for Alig’s funeral. At one point, Blair agreed to share his ashes with the club kids, but pulled the plug, telling us he had been fooled by Kane. Bizarrely, he said he felt Kane was pressuring him not only to keep Alig’s remains in Green-Ude, but also to choose it as his final resting place.

Kane claims he was the only Blair to act on the request and maintain that he did not kill him.

“I am so disappointed that he will draw that picture of me. He has ashes, and now the club kids can be happy, and live in peace, ”he said.

The chaos, however, still raises hopes that Blair could come around.

“[The memorial] Will be very special and maybe later we can try to open more LK … we are planning [have a ceremony] Later [COVID-19] Gone or in the summer, ”he said.