CJ Koegel is training to return to the challenge when called

Former Challenge contestant CJ Kogel is coming back with some more training to return to the show. Peak Credit: MTV

Several veteran contestants in the challenge, including Darrell Taylor and Theresa Jones, returned to compete in the new double agents season.

Both cast members took some breaks from the show, but their returnees hoped that other former stars would return to the competition.

One of the former Challenge stars says they are ready to return to the call. In an attempt to return to the show, he received some support from recent cast member Lolo Jones and even said he was ready to take part in the show with a new animal.

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Competitors of the former challenge want to return

In a series of recent tweets, CJ Kogel is announcing that he wants to return to the challenge and give it a run once more.

On Christmas Day, Lolo Jones, a fraudster of the U.S. Olympians and double agents, tweeted that he should be here this season.

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Jones tweeted: “@SizeCoigel was in your challenge, they brought back a lot of OGs. I know you have a famine now but hope you get back,” Jones tweeted.

CJ retweeted Lolo’s comment with one of his own, suggesting he was training and ready for it.

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“I get a little more training these days as soon as I get the call. The college is expensive… unless he’s got an episode like #ThanksGodForSports like us, ”CJ tweeted,“ he was an aspiring NFL kicker back in the day and helped with a college scholarship.

Peak Credit: @CJ Coegel / Twitter

A fan then tweeted to CJ about returning to the show, asking him to go there and assemble Fassi Shafat at an event.

CJ responded to the tweet, “I never back down from the war. I want to quarrel with him. I heard he is an animal! “

Peak Credit: @CJ Coegel / Twitter

CJ appeared in two seasons of Challenge

It was there that Real World Cancun made its debut with CJ Coegel MTV’s reality programming, as well as a few other casmates who would be competing in The Challenge. They include Emily Fitzpatrick, Jenna Mannion, Jasmine Reinaud and Derek Chavez.

On condition of a resumption of CJ in the Challenge, he made his debut in the second fresh meat alongside partner Sidney Walker. They will get six episodes deeper before the hard elimination injury. During the exile, they faced the teams of Landon and Carly, who were eliminated from their game and eventually won that season.

CJ returned to the 2012 Battle of the Season, where he was joined by his Real World Cancun assistants, Derek, Jonah and Jasmine. CJ partnered with Jasmine for the season, and it will make eight episodes before they are eliminated.

They will lose in the Hall of Fame event against Real World San Diego stars Sam McGinn and Zach Nichols.

MTV’s Challenge YouTube channel has shared footage of their epic eradication battle. In the clip, Zach mentions CZ and also does mixed martial arts. When CJ starts to win the first heat with a good strategy, a coin flip makes it to the boys again, so they have to fight a bit more.

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdsAjRTwr6A (/ embed)

However, CJ was a tough competitor and faced some tough competition in his time. He seems ready to return like Darrell Taylor. At 36, he is younger than experienced stars Wes and Darrell of the same age, Chris “City” Tamburello, and Challenge G.O.A.T., Johnny Banana.

Now that prize money has grown significantly over the years, it’s no surprise that many of the previous stars wanted a shot again and MTV might allow fans to vote for their favorites to see who comes back. CJ may be among those who got a lot of votes to compete again

The challenge aired on MTV on Wednesday at 8 / 7c.

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