Christine Cavalry and Jay Katler have reached an agreement in joint custody

The husband of Christine Cavallari and the distant J. Catler reached two agreements in their separation process.

A source told the man that Catler had agreed to fund the “very cavalry” star to buy his own house. Also, the same source shared that the former residents agreed on how to share time with their children: sons Camden and Jackson and daughter Sailor.

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Cavallari was ordered to “allow the use of marital funds” to buy a new home, according to court documents obtained from the point of sale.

The note further states that both parties have “decided on a permanent parentless plan, which they testify for the benefit of their minor children and request the court to approve and recognize it as its order.”

On paper, until the Hills graduates have moved into graduate and newly purchased homes, the children will be living in the current home of a remote couple in Nashville, Tennessee, and Cavalari and Catler will be touring every day to stay with their kids.

As the Cavalry moves into their new home, the kids will “spend time with each parent for his or her parents’ time.”

According to the document, the couple agreed to give “the name of the parents of the joint primary residence”, each of whom spends 182.5 days a year with the children. Cattler will receive her children every Friday after school until her next Friday, when the Cavalry’s upbringing begins. Distant couples will spend alternate time with their kids on weekends and weekends.

The Cavaliers and Cattlers will also do alternative holidays.

The court document states, “Nothing in this parent’s plan shall prevent the deviation from the schedule of accommodation contained in this document by mutual consent in writing or by e-mail.”

Cavallari and Cattler will be eligible, as well as having “two non-stop” phone calls a week and two facetime or Skype conversations a week “convenient days and times when the kids are with other parents.”

The document states that “any decision regarding the advertising or commercial use of the Internet by minors is made collectively.”

On privacy, Cavalry and Cattler agreed that “both sides have adequate resources to assist minors in the proper care of minors,” and both agreed to “pay the same price to all and agree to the extracurricular activities involving all minors.” Children.

Cutler will provide medical, dental and optical insurance for the three children.

Cavalry and Catler announced their divorce decision on Sunday, April 26, via Instagram. “Sadly, 10 years later we came together about the love of divorce,” – said in a joint statement. “We have nothing but love and respect for each other and we are deeply grateful for the years, memories and children we have shared. It’s just a situation of two people growing up separately. We ask everyone to respect our privacy as we move forward in this difficult time in our family. “

A day after the announcement of the separation, the court documents painted a different picture.

In the documents, Cavallari cites both “unresolved disagreements” and “inadequate marital conduct” as reasons for their separation. At the time of filing, the reality star further said that “more intercourse” with the abducted husband would be “dangerous and inappropriate”.

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