Chris Sutton Slams is a ‘significant’ Celtic outburst

Chris Sutton has been a huge proponent of Neil Lennon in charge of Celtic since Irishman Brendon Rogers. Others criticized him, but the English supported him, but in the wake of Neil Lennon’s explosion on Wednesday, Chris was not buying the idea that he had nothing but superiority.

The former Celtic star believes he spread worms with what his former teammate said later and now he should show his own hand or risk that his followers want to move away from him losing

“I like to talk about a manager’s own, but such comments after the game don’t help. This can create divisions and whispers within the camp. Sutton wrote in his RecordsSport column.

“I felt it was a huge strategy. You can pick players who are dissatisfied and want to stay away, but not those who are not committed.

“If they are not committed, why choose them? It was a significant encouragement. “

Emotions were high from players to coaches and supporters. That requires your manager to tell the inner stars of the dressing room what he wants. That shouldn’t be the case. Publicly calling players, not naming anyone, and continuing debates between supporters and pundits.

I would like to think that Neil is now remorseful for his aggression but as Chris Sutton wrote in his column, committed players if they feel they have been targeted in the post-match rent.

Sunday is huge, and we’ve been saying it lately but we need a response and we need real Celtic after a very bad start to the season.

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