Chobani is all set to compete against other healthy snacks

Greek yogurt brand Chobani Chabani is involved in the on-the-go-snack game with Complete, a new line of lactose-free yogurt and high-protein drinks without added sugar. Launched in July, the products vendors are usually looking for lunch options and are getting support for a new promotional campaign.

“As people’s lives become more dynamic and engaging in activities, people want healthier foods that match their ‘do not drink while sitting and eating,'” said Leban Masmamair, a creative officer at Chabani. “They hate the options that currently fit this lifestyle: fastfood, sugary snack bars and chucky artificial food-replacement shakes.”

This is a feeling shared by other packaged food companies, which in recent months have released their own products to provide sustainable energy. In June, Snack brand Kind launched an energy bar made with whole grain oats and 10 grams of protein. Vita Coco’s parent company, All Market, has updated its energy drink brand Runa with new formulations and packaging designs. Each 12-ounce can contain only 10 calories.

“The natural energy segment is small and emerging,” Jane Pryor, CMO of All Market, told Advick, “but we believe it could play a big role in the energy space in the long run because the energy needs are not far away.”

To spread the word about the Chaubani Complete, the company is launching a national advertising campaign that will appear on TV and social media. A 15-second spot created by Chobani’s in-house team depicts the product line, including all the building blocks needed for modern snacks. Its tagline: “Nutrition Puzzle, Solved.”

The company also plans to run ads on the Spotify and wellness-based podcast The Jillian Michaels Show and the Good Life project. Chobani has agreed to sue a group of 10 influential lucky followers.

According to the number of Nielsen supplied by Chobani, the company’s year-over-year sales increased 12.3% year-on-year compared to the same period last year, as restaurant closures forced people to rely on grocery stores for food during epidemics.

Earlier this year, Choubani ran a Norman Rockwell-inspired ad to promote his oat milk. In addition to placing spots on YouTube and Hulu, marketing push included billboards and out-of-home ads on the bus.

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