China formally condemns piracy by US agencies working on COVID-19 probe

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The U.S. government today officially condemned China for orchestrating cyberattacks against U.S. companies working on the COVID-19 study.

The allegations were made in a joint statement issued by the Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The two agencies said they were investigating the attack by “cyber agents related to the PRC and associated with unusual collections”.

It is used to describe an employee who works within an unconventional business partner or a managed organization (also known as an internal).

“These actors have been identified and tested for vaccines, treatments and tests related to Covid-19 related to illegal intellectual property (IP) and public health data and personnel,” the two companies said.

“The theft of this information has jeopardized the provision of safe, effective and efficient treatment options.”

In addition to blaming the recent attacks, it serves to alert other agencies in the United States.

“Let’s assume that your organization will direct media attention and cyber activity in press research related to COVID-19,” the U.S. government warned.

While they believe the agencies could be targeted, the CISA and the FBI called for preventive and proactive measures to limit hackers’ ability to breach their networks:

  • Respond to all systems for critical vulnerabilities. First, knowledge of Internet connection servers and weaknesses in software data processing should be prioritized.
  • Actively scan web applications for unauthorized access, changes, or unusual activity.
  • You need to improve your credit terms and multi-factor authentication.
  • Mark and suspend access to users who show unusual activity.

Promising indicators of specific Chinese threat agents are also available on the US-CERT website on the FBI asking their intrusion detection agencies to report the incident to local offices.

In February, the FBI said it was investigating multiple cases of intellectual property theft committed by Chinese actors. Four days later, Huawei was accused of stealing trade secrets in the United States.

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