/Chiefs of Mahoms Super Bowl vs. Brady, Buccaneers Exceed Bills to Set Up

Chiefs of Mahoms Super Bowl vs. Brady, Buccaneers Exceed Bills to Set Up

It’s hard not to get excited about the quarterback matchup we’ve been waiting for at Super Bowl LV.

On the one hand, Tom Brady – to play the best position of all time – will play his first NFL title game without Bill Belick, and he will play for a Buccaneers team that will compete as the first team for Lombardy. Home turf trophy

On the other hand, Patrick Mahoms – the heir apparent – who led the defending-champion Chiefs to their final win of the season after a week of big question marks and now has a chance to be the first quarterback to take his team back to the title behind Tom Brady 6.

It’s a matchup we’ll have enough time to break up over the next couple of weeks, so let’s jump into takeaways from another NFL event conference championship on Sunday.

Much to handle the dynamic waps of the Chiefs

It’s far from a new take, but it’s hard to avoid an offensive game like the Chiefs coming together on Sunday 36-24 against Bill.

How do opponents stop this Kansas City team? In the 5th week of the current season, no team outside of John Gruden’s Raiders has received an answer to this question against these full-power chiefs.

That October 11 is the only major that has lost to Vogas in the last 14 months, starting with the center under Patrick Mahoms.

And on Sunday evening, the reasons were in the whole show.

Kansas City had 94% DVOA for the game tonight. The best game of the year so far. Their best offensive performance and second-best defensive performance behind the 3rd week against Baltimore.

– Aaron Scatz (@FO_ASChatz) January 25, 2021

The chief has not been trained by one of the best offensive minds in Andy Red’s league history, and Patrick Mahomes (who was doing the show against Buffalo) has quarterbacks of the best players, but the supporting cast is just ridiculous.

Travis Kells set another record with 13 catches, the most in a conference championship in the Super Bowl era. The All-Pro tight end had 118 yards and two touchdowns to go along with 13 catches.

Terrick Hill did not find the last area against the bill, but the Cheetah got 1 y2 yards in nine catches, including a brilliant 1-yard run that set Casey’s fourth touchdown to 31-15.

Leopard. #Runitback #nflplay offs
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– NFL (@NFL) January 25, 2021

McCall threw some big-time plays from Hardman, who had a touchdown over his first-quarter muffled pants and a 21.5-mph run for 50 yards from Darrell Williams and Rocky Clyde-Edwards Hillary, and this Chiefs offense was somehow last season’s version. Feels more manic than.

This is for an interesting matchup in 13 days against a Buccaneer defense that did real damage against Aaron Rodgers in the NFC title game.

Also, the shouts against Steve Spagnanulo and the Chiefs of Defense, which reminded the Bills offense that, despite fighting for the past two weeks, it is one of the most dangerous in the league this season.

Bill is talking about crime …

Setting field goals just won’t cut it

It was a tough night for the buffalo bills.

Not only was it almost impossible to slow down Patrick Mahomes – the Bills defense forced just one pont, and it came in Casey’s first drive – but Josh Allen and Buffalo’s offense wasn’t good enough.

Allen threw in, the rhythm of the offense felt the same as last week against Baltimore, and as a result, in the final weeks of the regular season, a unit that consistently cuts the opposition defense becomes important when they fight a crucial drive together. .

A first chance at McCauley Hardman’s first gift gave Bill a 9-0 lead early, but the score was a real success deception, the epidemic Buffalo was aggressively: on their first five assets, Bill collected just 88 yards in 25 plays – 10 of 42. The opening drive of the game came which ended with the goal of the field, which came preceded it.

The Bills were able to make an extended drive towards the end of the second quarter, reaching the Chiefs’ ‘two-yard line’, leaving 12 plays together for s3 yards. However, with time running out at half-time 21-12 and Casey starting the third quarter with the ball, the Bills opted to kick the fourth down field goal instead of touchdown.

Then, after holding the Chiefs to just three points on the opening drive of the second half, Buffalo took another promising drive – 10 plays for 67 yards – which again led Bill inside Casey’s 10-yard line. Again in the fourth-short inside the Chiefs ’10, trailing by 12 with the strongest offense in the opposite direction, the Bills decided to fight six fights and once again set the goal for Tyler Bus on the chip-shot.

On the next drive, the Chiefs continued 75 yards in just two minutes to extend their lead to 16 minutes as Josh Allen intercepted Bill’s incoming possession, and the game was basically in the bag.

Against a team as deadly as the Chiefs, deep field goals in enemy territory won’t cut it – especially when the team for these three-point kicks was led by Josh Allen-led quarterback who was an opponent of 20 and a killer. The league’s worst red-zone defense faced off.

What the team has done on the basis of offense is bright for the future at Buffalo, but the decision was made on Sunday against the confidence of the players who probably decided Bill’s fate.

After a rare playoff error after Brady Baird by Crest Defense

The first 37 minutes of the NFC title game at Green Bay could not have been better for Tom Brady.

Early in the third quarter, the Buccaneers extended the Packers’ top lead to 26-10 in their fourth touchdown, with three touchdown passes in Farmer’s 43-year-old future hall – giving him a total of 60 in his post – season career, 35 more than the next closest Cubs. And cemented himself by passing three short games as the playoff touchdowns Buccaneers leader.

The Buccaneers were rolling and Brady was consolidating his legacy as the best play-off performer seen in the game. And then he interrupted three drives in a row, an incredibly rare stuff for GOAT.

Mistakes put Aaron Rodgers and Packer back in a game in which they were trailed by 16 at one point – but fortunately Bramp’s side stood up to Tamp Bay’s stout defense.

Rogers was able to take advantage of Brady’s first pick, turning it into a six, and the box’s lead reached just five after two failed conversions failed. The other two breaks, however, were immediately followed by Green Bay-Three-O-Out, two drives in which the Packers recorded a combined minus-five yards.

Todd Bowles’ defense was brilliant in his own 20 against one of the league’s top red-zone offense, holding the Packers to a two-fight fight from inside the 10-yard line – Matt Laffler was selected three points late in the controversy. Fourth quarter (6 more after that).

This is another incredible performance from a box defense that it did to the Packers once before 2020 and is really the only team that could have caused the Rogers serious problems during its MVP-caliber promotion.

Including Sunday, Rogers threw six interceptions all season – three of them came in two games against the Bucks. Rogers was fired 25 times – nine of which came against the books.

In no way should we be deprived of what Tom Brady has achieved; The presence of 10 career Super Bowl is a mind-blowing accompaniment

But Brady and Books would not have won 31-26 on Sunday without this defense.

Head-scratching coaching decision packers

There are many reasons why the Packers lost Sunday’s NFC title game in Lambau – the failure to capitalize on the Tamper turnovers, their own costly turnover in a very big situation and a very bad defensive call.

Despite all that, Greek Bay was with the game at the last minute, an unfortunate call on the fourth floor of the Buccaneers region sealed the fate of the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers showed the chance to run for a score after Adams’ third-down pass in the last zone davant, the Packers faced a fourth-eight-A and the game was 2-05. Eight points.

In an attempt to tie the game, the league relied on MVPs and instead of going into touchdown, head coach Matt Laffler was selected to kick the field goal to go within five points and hopes the Packers defense will find a stop for one end. Possession

They don’t.

With the staff packers proud and the situation the team found itself in, the touchdown is no-brainer: Faith Rodgers, Adams and one of the league’s best offensive lines to do the job. And if they don’t? The Buchananians have taken a deep position in their own territories and have the opportunity to take a stand in defense of Green Bay.

Three points make no difference.

It was a decision Laffler expressed some regret for the post-game – “Anytime it doesn’t work, you always regret it” – but in the end he saved one.

But it’s not just Laffler’s head-scratching call that has snatched his team and its Hall of Fame quarterback from the Super Bowl – it could define his career as Green Bay’s head coach.