/Chicago Made, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD January Episode Schedule

Chicago Made, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD January Episode Schedule

Chicago Fire will return soon with 2021 episodes. Peak Credit: Adrian S. Barros Sr. / NBC Universal

Fans of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD were disappointed to learn that NBC’s programs had been postponed on Wednesday night.

Because of what’s going on in Washington DC, NBC has decided to postpone the Chicago-based shows all night on January 6th.

The good news from the network is that the episodes will only be back a week later, although this has already widened the long winter gap between the new episodes of the show.

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There has been some additional good news about how the One Chicago episode will be released in the rest of January.

Chicago Made, updated Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. Episode schedule

The January ep episodes of the show were pushed back a week, which also had a cascading effect on NBC for the rest of January’s schedule.

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Below is a quick breakdown of when the episodes of each show will air and what will be said. This is going to be the month of the whole episode for each show as a condition for the winter premiere to finally air on TV.

Atwater had to make some tough decisions over the years. pic.twitter.com/rVsp4ltx46

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– One Chicago (@nbicoenchikago) January 2, 2021

Chicago Med January Episode

January 13th: Do you know the way home?

January 20: Se Tu, Ep 6th episode called for forgiveness, not permission

January 27: Ason Tu 5, Episode 5 says when your heart rules your head

January episode of the Chicago Fire

January 13: Season 9, Episode 3 says Smash Therapy

January 20: Season 9, Episode 4 What Funny Fun Things Reminds Us Called

January 27: Season 9, Episode 5 Say My Lucky Day

Chicago P.D. January episode

January 13: Season 8, Episode 3 is called Tender Age

January 20: Season 8, Episode 4 says Unforgiven

January 27: Season 8, Episode 5 has been called to your care

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PZyvDvbLcs (/ embed)

More news from One Chicago

There has been a slight change in the Chicago PD cast that may have to wait just one more baby to be published.

Soon a new face will debut as part of the intelligence unit. This will give the team some new blood and potentially lead to some interesting character dynamics.

While this was necessary because no team member left the show, it was certainly notable in the world of the show for an audience that was tuning in every week.

For fans of actor Taylor Kinney (he played Kelly Savaride in the Chicago Fire), he only did a funny interview on the Kelly Clarkson show where he talks about how he recently got out of tickets.

Chicago Made, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD winds up at 8 / 7c on NBC Wednesday night.

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