Chelsea have praised Hosa after the last episode of Cole Deborah

Chelsea paid a sweet tribute to Huska after Cole Deboy’s final Teen Mom 2 episode aired. Peak Credit: MTV

Cole Deborah likes Chelsea Huska very much, it’s pretty clear.

They met at a gas station in 2014 and since then their love story has been published on Teen Mom 2 week after week.

This week, their last episode of Teen Mom 2 aired. The fourth chose to walk away from the MTV show on a high note as she prepared to welcome her fourth child, build a new home and embark on a journey into a new phase of life.

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According to Cole Deborah, Chelsea Huska is the “perfect wife”.

After the last episode of Teen Mom 2 that Chelsea Huska was filmed with her kids and Cole Deborah, she asked him on Instagram to give her an epic.

The caption is long and sweet as the heart poured about the wife.

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In part, he said, “I want to congratulate my sweet perfect wife for being out of the show about her life for so long and being able to stay in control and find out what she really wanted in life.”

It was part of a long message to describe some of what happened to Chelsea in the early years of Teen Mom 2 and how far he came. He has shared his journey from the beginning, including the concerns he has worked on most recently

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Then, he concludes with the caption, “We are truly grateful and grateful to all of us who truly wrote and followed our story. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

What’s next for Cole Deborah and Chelsea Hosker?

While they were waiting for the arrival of their baby girl, Chelsea Huska and Cole Deborah are returning to a normal life.

Aubrey is growing up and entering the pre-teen years and from there it will be a new experience. Chelsea and Cole talked about it and decided it was the best idea to give him privacy at this moment in his life.

They have started a home line and Aubrey says they are managing social media accounts for when they are ready to debut. Creating an empire and something important for them to this couple.

Leaving the teenage mother behind was not an easy decision, but it was the right one for the couple. Over the years they had nothing but beautiful things to say about the crew that grew up on the crew, they became sensitive as soon as they expressed a desire to move away.

Teenage Mom 2 airs on MTV on Tuesday night at 8 / 7c.

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