Check out Miley Cyrus 2020 VMA’s ‘Midnight Sky’ performance

Miley Cyrus on Sunday brought her glamorous Stevie Knicks-inspired single “Midnight Sky” to the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

Painted in various primary colors, Cyrus brings rock star swagger from the video of the new single in her VMA performance. The live ticket included a few new elements, including a drum fill before the chorus began. The opaque colors made Cyrus most of the silhouette as she was writing around on the floor. As the color picked up, Cyrus recreated his “racking ball” video with a spotlight bringing him into focus and running a disco ball.

Cyrus famously hosted VMAs five years ago and at last year’s event she did a heart-wrenching “Slide Away,” which she released in August 2019. After the single, Cyrus joined Ariana Grande and Lana del Rey for “Don’t Call.” Mr. Angel, ”Charlie Angels released the soundtrack.

Earlier this summer, Cyrus took part in Global Citizen’s Global Goal: For Our Future, where the pop star covered the Beatles. “” Help! “At an empty Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California.

He also spoke at length about Covid-19 and the fight against inequality: “Many of us don’t want to go back to normal,” he said. We want to move forward in a more just and equal world. Everyone deserves a healthy future, regardless of their skin color, where they come from or how much money they make.

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