/Chadwick continues to pay tribute to Bosman

Chadwick continues to pay tribute to Bosman

Fans trade favorite “Black Panther” clips and photos, making them viral.

Stars and celebrities – a former president, a media mogul and one of A-list’s entertainment luminaries – have posted heartwarming RIPs.

Even across the Atlantic, a British football star flashed his “Wakanda Forever” salute with his hands in his fists and his arms pierced his heart.

On Saturday, actor Chadwick took refuge in Bosman, who was acclaimed for his immense talent and dignity. One day after his death, at the age of 43, he was diagnosed with colon cancer – a disease he had secretly fought for four years with the same calm courage. He portrayed the heroes on his on-screen.

Bosman is survived by his wife, Taylor Simon Ledward, whom he married in the last months of his life.

From the hills of Hollywood, there was a commendable room in the ditch of the Pediatric Cancer Hospital, where he performed selfless charitable work.

Bosman inspired millions as the charismatic “Black Panther” in the 2018 Marvel blockbuster, but no one was more intense than the young patients he met, even personally suffering from the same illness, even after battling his own cancer.

To them, the bossman was King T’Challa, a superhero living in their bed.

“Two years ago, Chadwick visited St. Jude’s Campus and brought with him not only toys for our patients, but also joy, courage and inspiration,” a Memphis-based hospital representative tweeted.

Biopic of former President Barack Obama as Jackie Robinson, “42.” Chadwick praised Bosman’s performance on Instagram.

Bosman maintained contact with the young patients he met, so because “Black Panther” was still in production, he knew that at least two young boys were struggling to survive a little longer in their terminal cancer.

The boys named Ian and Taylor wanted to live a long time to see the movie.

“It’s a frustrating experience,” Bosman said in a post-release interview with SiriusXM in 2011.

“Because, like you, ‘it may not mean so much to them but’ but looking at how the world carried out this movement, how the movement took place, how it was adopted in one’s own life – I realized that they expected great Something. “

Bossman said he had been waiting for Christmas since he was a kid or was reminded of a new video game.

“I have lived my life waiting for that moment. And so, it reminded me of being a kid, just to feel the expectation of these two little boys for this movie and when I found out … “Bosman burst into tears.

The boys did not live to see the release of the movie.

The heads of Marvel and its parent company Disney were among the mourners.

Disney Chairman Robert Eiger tweeted: “As much as we mourn him, everything he intended to happen,”

On Twitter, Marvel Studios President Kevin Fezi agreed, “Every time (Bosman) set foot on the set, he radiated charisma and joy.

“And every time he appeared on screen, he created something truly indescribable.

Chadwick Bosman (center), Michael B. Jordan (far left) and “Black Panther” actor receive the award during the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Show in 2019 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

He was as smart and kind as any person he portrayed and strong and powerful. ”

Robert Downey Jr., one of his Avengers co-stars, noted that “Mr. Bosman leveled the playing field as he fought for his life … that’s heroism.”

Angela Bassett, who played her mother in the blockbuster, called her “a beautiful-minded, consuming artist, a conscientious brother.”

Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson tweeted that Bosman “radiated strength and peace” and Hollywood icon Samuel L. Jackson called him a “talented and gifted artist.”

Former President Barack Obama reminded Bosman to go to the White House in 2013 because he had a reputation for starring Jackie Robinson in the biopic, “42”.

Obama tweeted: “Chadwick came to the White House to work with kids. You can tell right now that he was blessed. To be young, talented and black; to use that power to give heroes to see them; to do everything in pain – what his years Use. “

Bosman’s latest tweet, earlier this month, celebrates the old picture of the two with the new Democratic vice presidential nominee. “Yeah @ Kamalaharis!” Read the post.

Harris tweeted the same picture shortly after the announcement of Bosman’s death, saying, “Heartbroken.” He called her “bright, kind, learned and humble.”

After scoring the opening goal against Liverpool, Arsenal footballer Pierre-American Aubamiang posed “Wakanda Forever”.

Arsenal football star Pierre-American Aubamiang broke the “Wakanda Forever” after scoring the opening goal against Liverpool at Wembley Stadium in England on Saturday.

Abu Bayeng celebrated a goal by donating a mask from the blockbuster last season.

“You rest in peace,” Obamayang wrote on Instagram. “You gave us all the hope and strength for #WanCandrover.”

Bosman, famous for his portrayal of Robinson, died celebrating Major League Baseball the day he broke the color barrier of the game.

In another bizarre coincidence, Bosman died on the birthday of legendary comic artist Jack Karby, created by Black Panther.

The Milwaukee Books and Orlando Magic have taken a moment of silence over the death of Chadwick Bosman ahead of the NBA first-round play-off game at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Kisimi, Florida.

Bosman was a stylish dresser, so it is not surprising that fashionistas mourned.

“I’m sad to hear we’ve lost Chadwick Bosman,” Dontella Versace said on Instagram.

He posted a photo of himself and Bosman, wearing Versace, naturally, taking a selfie, covered with his silk jacket, gold leopard and crown.

Style icon Billy Porter said Bosman “reminded us all that we are royalty!”

He also shared a clip of Bosman’s 2018 introductory speech at Howard University.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all, Bosman told the graduates in his alma mater.

“Purpose transcends discipline. Purpose is a necessary element of you. He is there because you are on the planet at this particular time in history, ”he said.
“Whatever path you choose for your career path, remember the struggles along the way just to shape you for your purpose.”