CD Project Red Cyberpunk 2077 DLC plans to unveil before game starts

One of the most anticipated video game titles this year is CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk202077. As a result, the bar has been raised for Cyberpunk 2077 and the information slowly coming out of the development studio is only adding to the expectations based on the growing fan base.

We knew Cyberpunk would follow a similar development process to the 2077 Whiter 3 There will be a ton of free DLC updates and paid expansion packs. We don’t know what to expect in terms of DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 for, but at a recent investors’ conference call, CD Project Red confirmed that the same overall development plans will be present in this upcoming video game. Additionally, it looks like studios are looking to add more content than ever before. If this were the case, we would only see additional DLC packs that could deliver more cosmetics and quests, but more packs were released than the Waiter 3.

This development studio no longer keeps up with the content. The Witcher 3 expansion has added some huge storylines that have taken players on new exciting journeys. However, as mentioned, we don’t know how these extensions and DLC updates will replace Cyberpunk 2077 Fort Fortunately, we don’t have to wait after the game is released. Instead, it looks like the CD project will warn fans about what to expect in terms of post-launch content before hitting the Red Game store shelves.

At the conference call of these investors, CD Project Red was not yet ready to give any details on the matter. However, it says they have plans to publish their DLC and expansion roadmap in the near future. We’ll probably see it in one of their Night City Wire streams that highlights different aspects of the upcoming game. In the meantime, we can mark our calendars for the release of Cyberpunk 2077. After some delays, the game will be released on November 19, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. It is worth noting that the next generation platform is planned to be released in 2021.

Source: VGC

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