CD Project Red comments about the recent Judy romance discovery

2020 was a downward year, with no gains around it. We’ve seen a ton of lows but things have changed quite drastically in our daily lives as the coronavirus health epidemic has spread. Of course there were a few high moments for the video game industry. Even after pushing several games from 2020 to 2021 there was an iconic hype title here that we couldn’t wait to hold our hands. After all, it took place in the market long before it hit the 2121.

I’m talking about CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 207777 Unfortunately, the hype and expectations don’t match the actual end product. There was a ton of work to be done to manage the developers which gave it to CD Project Red in legal action against the investors. Still, there’s been a lot of buzz online about what content was cut or even ticked that left players dig to see what they could uncover.

A special person discovered that Judy had a romance option for the male V characters. In the game, Judy Cable is a romantic alternative to V’s female sex, as a result, there’s no chance of the relationship ending just because of the friendship. However it was discovered that changing a line of code would change his choice al In fact, there is also a male conversation that goes with this romance interaction that many players assumed that this romance option was dropped from the game.

A new statement from CD Project Red to Eurogamer has now confirmed that this is not the case. When working voice-over on the male version of V Romance Judy, this has only been done as a precaution. Clearly, for the female version of the VD, Judy was only intended to be a romance alternative, but the lines were recorded only when the writers changed their minds during the development.

Source: Eurogamer

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