Cathy O’Hara to free Spaceboy for Gary Portelli

“What I did refreshed him because he was going 1100 meters and I was very easy for him.

“We had a few days of rain that led to the meeting and it was [a] Heavy 9 and he could be a bit overwhelmed.

“We also sat at a very good pace and the winner tracked us down and was very strong. He then looked normal and suffered a concussion. ”

This defeat crystallized the spaceboy’s strategy and he was seen winning by a large margin for the second time in three times by attaching a tongue tie to Wayang.

“We stuck our tongues out at Wing and I told Kathy that she led and didn’t look back just to make sure you hurry up before it turned out and it worked. It was a simple watch, ”Portelli said.

“I don’t know if there was a tongue tie or I was very comfortable with it before the Warwick firm but we won’t make any changes on Saturday.”

Looking back at the appearance of the spaceboy, he rejoiced as a two-year-old, leaving behind Tassart, Unite and Concair, and at the end of his final preparation, he ran one of the fastest 1250m races in Canterbury this century.

“He’s always been a good horse and he’s been beaten by some smart horses,” Portelli said.

“He’s a horse that disappoints you a bit but he won more than ,000 200,000 and it would be great if we could choose a competition on Saturday before the end of the month because with BOBS it’s big money.

“He’s a horse that keeps getting better and reminds me a bit of the Gold Trail that arrived at the Royal Escort. I think Spaceboy will eventually be a demanding horse because he’s still getting stronger. “


The spaceboy entered his own age at more than 1,100m on Saturday, but Portelli chose older horses to compete in the 1,000m.

“He only has 558kg in this race and we’re just going to run him,” Portelli said. “Kathy got it twice before, so we booked her again.

“He knows her well and the same kind of journey will hopefully bring the same results.”

Author of The Sydney Morning Herald

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