Naughty dog ​​artists have recently cleared the air about surfaced concept images

When it comes to naughty dogs, the studio is known for providing some incredibly high-detail AAA titles for PlayStation consoles. This first-party studio has received two releases, including Uncharted and The Last of Us, both of which have received critical acclaim. However, there is no word on what the studio planned after the launch of … Read more

The Uncharted movie has been delayed to 2022

Several video game movies and television series are being converted right now. In the past some of these adaptations have failed to reduce fan interest while others have done significantly better. Consider the release of Sonic the Hedgehog, for example, the film was a huge hit, and it quickly became a sequel, long after the … Read more

The best Minecraft Xbox One seeds

Unlike its last-gen versions, Minecraft’s The world generation is randomly generated on a “seed” basis. It is an almost limitless game world based on complex algorithms. By default, the game captures the current system time as the initial input for a world start value and runs with it. However, these seeds can be affected, they … Read more