Carolina Place shoppers flock to mall just days after ‘active shooter’ scare

Pinville, NC. (Fox 46 Charlotte) – Hundreds of people crowded the Carolina Place Mall just days after the big ‘active shooter’ threatened.

One woman said she was inside when the alarm went off.

“I heard gunshots when I was here on Christmas Eve and it was very scary. I was myself. There was a whole bunch of people running. I had to call my dad, he picked me up. It was awesome, ”said Summer Johnson over the summer.

Johnson returned to Carolina Place with friends Saturday night. He says on Christmas Eve, he was alone and he saw people running around and he did the same.

“I heard everyone was running so I said why is everyone running? They said there were gunshots and I myself did not hear any Gulshan. I heard someone pull a gun, I didn’t hear any shooting, “he said.

Fox 46 was caught with a few people who did not hear about the police presence on Thursday but admitted that the situation is horrible to hear.

“It worries you, even to hear something that you know, especially with the Nashville bombings that just happened the other day, you’re on your fingertips about anything these days so obviously something that worries me and probably worries me a lot.” Here it is, ”says Spencer Rickerson, buyer.

Stores closed somewhat early the day before Christmas after news of a potential gunman spread. Police found no evidence but those who witnessed the chaos were grateful for the results.

“You just have to be careful and stay at home and be careful about what you’re doing,” Summer Johnson said this summer.

Police have yet to identify exactly what happened at Carolina Place the day before Christmas. They are pulling surveillance footage from all the stores.

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