/Carol Burnett likes every guest on her show except this ‘Biggest Little SOB’

Carol Burnett likes every guest on her show except this ‘Biggest Little SOB’

Carol Barnett was one of the top stars of the day on her long running variety / sketch comedy show. The “Carol Barnett Show” must have been on TV at the time and who wanted to be on the A-listers. Carol Burnett obviously liked to work with everyone, there is a guest who was so horrible that she called him a “quarrelsome little SOB”.

The “Carol Barnett Show” fascinated us for eleven seasons. It was the ultimate family show at the time because everyone could gather around the television together for some good laughter.

“Carol Barnett Show” is a comedy that has stood the test of time

The sketch comedy show became incredibly popular on television over a long period of time. The cast has worked perfectly together, providing us with thousands of smiles over the years.

Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball at The Carol Burnett Show in September 196767. Carol is still alive. Some of the skits from his various shows seen on YouTube are funny to surprise today. pic.twitter.com/sMxirgQTZW

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It’s an old school comedy that stands the test of time. The actress’s antiques still entertain after half a century.

Barnett is proud to say the only thing to date about his classic variety shows. The joke is still relevant fifty years later.

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2016 Memoirs of Carol Burnett

At his 2016 memorial, he recalled a guest at the Burnett show “In such a good organization: eleven years of laughter in the sandbox, mayhem and fun”, who was very different from the others.

“During our 11-year run, the only guest he had was Royal Pain,” he wrote in his book. “I won’t name him, but there has been no happy camp since he came. We tried to adjust him every time, but to no avail. ”

This is more than rubbing off on the wrong way of entertaining entertainers.

The “Carol Burnett Show” cast and crew had to endure her annoying and rude behavior for nothing. Even before filming, they were all done

“We later learned that he was‘ on ’something that could explain his tendency,” he wrote. “Anyway, it’s no surprise that he just decided to walk before we taped the show.”

She was a “pony ass.”

“He was a fighting little SOB,” Barnett recalled. “I say ‘small’ because she was so short, which prompted one of our writers to label her ‘ass.'”


This person should be grateful that Carol Barnett did not name. He is an American icon favorite of everyone. Just like the comedian himself loves everyone.

This person must have been a real oppressor to provoke such a reaction!

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Thanks, it was a one-time event.

Have fun at all the other guest shows. Sketch shows allow them to completely change their normal Hollywood routine.

Check out the video below from the “Carol Barnett Show” episode with guest emojis Coco for a great laugh!

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOtUh7AURhM (/ embed)