Career criminal Steven Podkulski murdered Jennifer Byrd and left her body in a storage locker.

A career criminal named Steven Podkulski was finally arrested for the murder of Jennifer Byrd 12 years after her death. Peak Credit: Illinois Correction Division

In 2002, the community in Bedford Park, a quiet suburb of Chicago, was shocked by the brutal murder of 27-year-old Jennifer Byrd.

On August 3, Bald was working as a storage facility manager when he was stabbed several times in an empty locker. He put a mark on the office ribbon saying he would be back; Unfortunately, he could not survive the attack.

The alarm goes off after a pedestrian hears a loud noise, followed by a startling scream for help from the locker. When police opened the door, they saw a young woman lying in a pool of blood. Boued was stabbed in the lungs and died of his injuries.

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Bedford Park has not been murdered in decades

This was the community where officials said they had not been killed for decades, and they decided to bring the killer to justice, no matter how long it took.

Investigators worked for two years for two committed leaders, but unfortunately, the case cooled down and he was granted asylum in 2004. Could not proceed with the মামলা 25,000 reward lawsuit for information.

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However, the police did not let him lie, and the case was reopened in 2012.

Investigators conducted a new office interview, which threw in new leadership and directed Steven Podkulski.

Podkulski was a career criminal with a long wrap sheet that included allegations of theft, weapons and drug possession. He spent most of his adult life in prison.

Podkulski was released from prison in 2014 when he was re-arrested and charged with first-degree murder for initiating probation for an unrelated crime. “As he was leaving, we found him,” said Andrew Smswickis, a police detective in Bedford Park. “

Terror in Bedford Park

On a summer evening in Bedford Park, Illinois, on the evening of August 2002, when a man told a strange story to the police. He was leaving his locker at a government store when he heard it slam into a wall. Then it stopped. Police arrived and found the body of 227-year-old Jennifer Byrd inside the locker. Jennifer was a devoted sister and daughter, who recently graduated from college with a degree in social work. The case was not resolved until the witness verified the trivial details of the case. “Terror in Bedford Park” at the premiere of the discovery of the investigation on Sunday at 10 / 9C!

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