Captain America Skin surprises at the latest Portnite Item Shop

Epic Games has dropped a surprise on the Fortnite community with the presence of Captain America skin in the latest Item Shop drop.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Captain America is officially in Fortney now. News

Check out all the new trailers below:

Equipped with his immortal shawl and iron will, Super-Soldier Captain America will stand in his way.

Take the Captain America outfit now!

– Fortnight (@ Fortnight Game) July 3, 2020

“Debuting at the Item Shop today, the cap’s outfit includes two items: its proto-adamantium pickaxe and back bling. Sold the solder as your pickaxe or display it proudly on your back.


For those who are interested in this skin limit it quickly as it will be skin for a limited time. Also, players will be able to celebrate the arrival of the iconic hero with the universal new Grand Salute Emot. Your skin will cost you 2000,000 V-books, equivalent to 20 20 in the United States.

Captain America Skin of Fortanite is now available to buy from item stores.

What are your thoughts on this new skin? Will you pick it up? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to be right here at Gamerex to cover the latest gaming news.

Source: Fortnite Twitter account

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