Capt. Sandy Yawn declares “nothing personal” under deck-med crew firing

Fans at the bottom of the deck med have some more crew feeling than on-screen. Peak Credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawan has not announced anything personal below the crew of Deck Maid.

He had a fair share of the captain’s uninterrupted crew members in his four seasons on the hit Bravo show. Captain Sandy has seen people leave, as well as dismissed a few crew members.

Losing a team member is never easy, even if it is fair. The reality about staff changes is getting real TV stars

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Crew firings are not personal

Captain Sandy Deck fired his first crew member off-screen during Season 4 under the Mediterranean. Fans see Mila Kolomitseva as chef prove she was a disaster in the kitchen

It didn’t take long for the captain to realize that he had the situation in his hands. Although Captain Sandy knew he had to shoot Mila, it wasn’t personal. The decision was professional and in the best interests of all parties involved.

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That same season, Captain Sandy was forced to leave June Foster, when Anastasia Surmava decided to resume her position as stew.

“It simply came to our notice then. You’re a wonderful man, ”Captain Sandy told June and there wasn’t enough room to hold him.

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Not even about his relationship with the crew members

Over the years, viewers have seen the character of Captain Sandy and eaten the head of chief stew Hannah Ferreira. The captain has threatened to fire Hannah more than once. There is speculation that Captain Sandy has protested his threat in season 5.

It is also not personal to verify that Captain Sandy has a troubled relationship with the crew members he shares with Reality. The decision to reprimand someone is strictly professional, even Hannah.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s like, ‘Is Hannah doing her job?’ What did Hannah do? For me, I’m there to support them. I am not there to oppose them. I need a team, ”he said.

There is an expectation of a certain level of services when paying for a luxury certificate. One of Captain Sandy’s responsibilities is to ensure that guests receive the expected level of service. One of the reasons the captain doesn’t consider himself a friend to his crew.

Although he was fond of many crew members who had worked for several years, such as Bose Malia White, Captain Sandy did not consider them part of his team of friends. He prefers to consider himself a mentor and boss who is friendly with his staff but does not necessarily associate with them outside of work.

The job of Captain Sandy Yen at the bottom of the deck Mediterranean is not easy, especially when it comes to dismissing crew members. He sees it as a strictly business choice, not a personal one.

Do you think it plays a role in professional, or personal feelings?

The deck was broadcast Monday at 9 / 8c in Bravo, below the Mediterranean.

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