Capcom has announced the release date of the fourth title update for Monster Hunter: World; Release the set for July 3rd

Capcom has taken to their blog to announce Title Update 4 for Monster Hunter: World will be released next July 9th.

With a new title update a week away from release, Capcom has mentioned that this week they will be putting on a special livestream, which will showcase the upcoming content nicely. They released a short 36-second teaser trailer this weekend for fans hyping.

If you are looking for more Monster Hunter: World content, stay tuned for this upcoming update to be in the gamerank as we will closely follow the upcoming free content and bring you the latest news of the game.

Check out the latest teaser below:

Capcom in the upcoming fourth title update:

Another important update for all the diligent hunters out there: Event Quest in Iceburne will return to their normal rotation from July 8th. So continue these searches while they are still active!

The schedule of event quests on our website will also be updated soon on July 3, so you can check it out., And by going to the notice board of the Godring Hub to plan your hunt according to the game.

Monsters: Hunter World Title Update 4 is ready to go into detail this July 3rd; The update will launch on July 9 across PS4, Xbox One and PC. Are you interested in the upcoming update on Monster Hunter World? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Capcom

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