Capcom has a number of games at the end of this fiscal year

Capcom wants to make this financial year even bigger, thanks to a number of projects currently under development. Right now, Capcom has killed it with the help of Resident Evil. Since the introduction of Resident Evil, the focus has been on upgrading both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil. Now that these games are over, it’s a predictable game for what the next studio plans. A recent financial report found that there are many projects in the works.

Although there are many rumors that the next big project of Rescom Evil 8 has been published in Capcom, the report mentions that a few undeclared projects are being developed. We can only wonder how many of these and how many already have authorized IPs. After all, Capcom has a number of IPs that can be used to re-engage consumer fans who are interested in franchisees and newcomers.

The return of Dino Crisis is one of the biggest IP fans interested in. Now that Capcom has seen how much money can be made for the company and its benefits, it could mean that we are seeing a published and unveiled transformation of Dino Crisis video games before the end of the fiscal year. Moreover, as the fiscal year does not end until March 2021, we see that some of these video game titles will be released and released for the next generation of video game console platforms.

So far, we’ve all heard of Resident Evil 8 and the financial statements that many undeclared projects are coming up this fiscal year. What do you expect to see from the next Capcom? [/ embed]

Source: Gamesdar

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