Capcom guarantees residential evil: Village TGS 2020 will be displayed online

Capcom has announced that its much-anticipated upcoming horror game, Resident Evil: Village will indeed be available at TGS 2020 Online.

Resident Evil: The village was announced at Sony’s Future of Gaming event earlier this year and has been silent ever since. Lots of gamers are interested to know more about the upcoming entry of the series, and it seems that at TGS 2020 online, we will do it.

The announcement came from Capcom Dev 1 on Twitter, where they promised to show more footage for the upcoming horror title. Also, they apologize to their fans for being so silent since the game was announced.

Check out the official tweet from Capcom Dev below 1:

In related news, TGS 2020 has been officially described in detail and fans of the show will finally see what the online event will be like.

TGS is in September, more specifically towards the end of the month. TGS 2020 will bring a huge number of great developers and games to the online show, and from an instant we can see what we should expect from the show. Be sure to tune in to Resident Evil Village, Square Enix Games and everything in between in the detailed list of events! Learn more about TGS 2020 here!

TGS 2020 can be an exciting time for gamers, so if you’re interested in learning about some new games, make sure you stick with GameRance because we’re bringing you the latest news from live streamed shows. What are you most interested in at TGS 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VG247 via Twitter

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