Cameron Youngs denies treason allegations that he has left “Southern Charm”

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She says Cameron Young’s decision to leave Soum Extreme has nothing to do with her because her husband, Jason Wimberley, was unfaithful to her, she says.

On Tuesday, May 12, Juventus stunned fans when it announced that it would not return to the upcoming seventh season of the reality show “Bravo”.

However, on Wednesday the 13th, he made a lengthy statement on Instagram in which he shared “infamous rumors” about his marriage and assured fans that his decision to move away from South Sharm came long before they appeared.

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“My decision was made and Bravo was granted a few months ago and had nothing to do with ridiculous and false rumors about my marriage,” Ubunks said. “Please ignore the fabricated rumors. It’s a rating and a challenge for everyone. “

In 2004, the youngster, who received the star of the realistic TV channel “Real World: San Diego”, insisted that he was moving away from the reality industry.

“I can’t be too upset because when you subscribed you put your life on reality TV … and that’s why I’m coming out of it now,” he said. “True television requires drama to be relevant, and sometimes sadly false rumors are created about others. Create what you want and consider the source.

Ubunks added, “Now I know full well that it was wise to leave the team early.” “My gut never disappoints me.”

Earlier in the day, reported that Wimberley, who married Ubanks in 2014 and shared with his two-year-old daughter, Palmer Karin, had a two-year relationship behind the realist star.

The publication reported that its source claimed that Youngs “treated him personally from the camera” and was “devastated” when he discovered that the producers were planning to file a complaint next season.

“It seemed to me that notorious rumors were now circulating and fake articles were being written কয়েকটি some of which were about my marriage,” Yubanks wrote in a statement.

“At a time when I’m upset, I’m not surprised, because in our time this original television was present, and it’s a big reason I kept my marriage out of the air,” she says of her husband, for the first time. “Baul” appeared in the final 6. “You have to defend what is sacred to you. Some things are not like big pay”

Yubank stood beside Wimberley.

“My biggest concern is that my husband, who is the most sincere and trustworthy person I know, is being cheated on,” Ubanks said. “It’s annoying to me.”

“He always supported me in filming this show, even though he doesn’t want to be the center of attention,” he said.

Ubanks has starred in the Southern Bowl since its premiere in March 2014 and has always provided a voice broadcast of the show.

Production for the seventh season of Southern Focus began earlier this year, but was discontinued due to the current healthcare situation.

In a note to Ubanks on Wednesday, he also had time to thank his fans and colleagues.

“To all the real and good fans, actors and crew I’ve worked with [over the years] He wrote and I’m glad to know … thank you “

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