/Call of Duty Version: How to make your weapons faster

Call of Duty Version: How to make your weapons faster

Call Customization is at the heart of Call of Duty: the Warzone experience, and with the recent integration of the Black Ops Cold War, you have more effective firearms. Each weapon attachment has a laundry list that can be unlocked by earning a weapon XP, but if you are a new player or just want to make quick progress, it can be hard to level your gun – especially if you only own one. , Especially without any attachments, ing actually challenges progress with them

Fortunately, there are several ways to quickly level up your Warzone weapons, and in this guide we’ll highlight the best. Remember, you can earn Weapon XP by playing a game compatible with Warzone itself or with a specific gun – as the progress after integrating all the games goes across Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Don’t worry, Wapson is fine, but there are different ways to earn Weapon XP – and many players fall into this camp because the game is free.

With that in mind, here’s how to speed up your weapons in Call of Duty: Verizon.

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In Modern Warfare

Co-op-Survival Missions

The easiest way to level up your weapons if you have a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is to play online cooperative survival missions. This is not necessarily the fastest method, but the mode is simply the easiest because it simply identifies AI as your enemy. You can play this mode to rack up kills and complete challenges related to specific weapons that allow you to kill XP. Use this method to get a slower but more consistent XP in the modern Warfare suite of the mode.

Note that Survival Mode is now available across all platforms following a time-bound exclusivity agreement with the PlayStation.

Matching multiplayer shift or shoot house (draw ship playlist)

A more skill-dependent way to earn Weapon XP in the version (via Modern Warfare) is to play different sheet ship playlists in multiplayer mode. These playlists feature match-type rotations on shipment and shoothouse maps – both as a result of short and usually high kill matches. Depending on the mode and your skill level you can earn more than 50 kills per match, which is a great source of weapon XP.

Black Ops in the Cold War

Play FireTium: Dirty Bomb

If you own Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and want to level up your weapons, the best way to do that is with Firetime: Dirty Bomb. This mode is a bit of a hybrid of Virgin War Royale with a twist. Weapons progress faster than any other multiplayer mode of the game, only in this mode – zombies even include search and destruction. When we go to play dirty bombs we aim and sit near high traffic and suggest lots of casualties. It’s unclear how the progression compares to the traditional multiplayer mode, but it’s proven that you’ve got more weapons XP from Dirty Bomb than other modes in Cold War.

In the version

Best Method – Loot Supply Run Agreement

You’ll be happy to know that if you only own Call of Duty: Verzone, you can easily earn XPP – and the best part is it’s free! The fastest, most consistent method is to complete contracts across Lander mode. In Loot, you can be equipped with your loadout and have the ability to repay uninterruptedly, making Battle Royale more effective than playing. Any contract will do the job, but the most effective way is to make supply run contracts.

Here is the step-by-step strategy:

  • Boot the loot match with at least one other player (this can be done manually but more effectively with a teammate).
  • Make sure you equip the weapon you want to level quickly.
  • Grab the nearest helicopter as soon as the match starts and then draw a byline for the nearest supply run deal (indicated by the stop watch icon).
  • Once you reach the deal, jump one or two players from the helicopter to recover, then pick them up again.
  • From here onwards proceed for the purpose of supply and – again – turn over it and drop off at least one player to complete the contract.
  • Repeat rinsing.

With this method you can quickly and efficiently renew supply run contracts by granting XP, cash and most importantly weapon XP. As long as you want to level the weapon you will make progress every time you complete the contract. It is suitable for weapons that are tough to use like crossbows or certain snipers. Since Black Ops can be used in Cold War and Modern Warfare weapon versions, you’ll be able to use this method to flatten any gun throughout the three games.

Remember, the method works if you play single, but it will be a bit slower because you have to land the chapter and search the contract (and the purpose after you start delivering) by yourself. If you are going to play with a squad, make sure they are all aware of what you are trying to do. Otherwise, your teammates may start other contracts and since you can only run one job at a time, this will stop progress. If you do not have a squad to play with, you can simply set the squad to “Do not fill” from the main screen of Verzon and boot up the lander match. This will send you to a match on your own, making it easier to run supply run contracts seamlessly (though, a bit slower than if you had a team).

From our tests, we were able to complete about seven supply run contracts in a single loot match, but remember, we were playing singles. If you have a squad (and with a bit of luck), it will be possible to finish in a ward of 10 supply run contracts, resulting in a lot more experience per game. After about three games and forty minutes of playtime, we were able to achieve 25 weapon levels.

We should mention that this method only progresses towards unlocking attachments. Those looking to unlock weapons camos need to complete the purpose related to the camos in question.

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