Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Unlock Teddy Bear Bunker Easter Eggs in Trench

Call of Duty: Season 4 of Modern Warfare has a very nice fight going on. Hidden on the trench map, four numbers you can look for – these numbers become random each time, making it more complicated to pull the Easter egg into a real match. You need to jump to four spots on the map, note the numbers, then shoot the keypad to discover the location. It is adorable, ridiculous and cruel at the same time.

And who doesn’t love an all-new Easter egg experience? In Modern Warfare it’s not just Easter eggs – although these Easter eggs don’t give you any rewards, there’s a complex Easter egg that unlocks the blueprint of a new weapon. Learn how to unlock Bunker 11 on Verzon with our complete guide and map! Or save those things later and learn how to enter a much easier bunker below.

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To enter a very special bunker Easter egg, load up new Trench Maps in Modern Warfare Multiplayer. Go to the door of the large bunker marked by three yellow bars.

The bunker has a keypad on the door – the goal of this Easter egg is to find four hidden (random!) Numbers around the map. Look for the numbers in the order listed below Shoot keypad numbers to input the code.

  • The first number: From the bunker door, turn the stairs and face. On the right, go up the trench barricade and look at the wall near the ground
  • Number two: Return to the stairs opposite the bunker door. Look behind the barrel on the left.
  • Number three: (Small) On the opposite side of the map, go to the end of the trench and look for a small open dark crate. The number is right there.
  • Number four: The last number is under a bridge near the center of the map.

Collect all four numbers, then shoot the keypad at the input. If you input the correct code, you will be able to go to the bottom of the bunker and sign something very nice – a full scale Teddy Bear War! Teddy generals are planning their attacks on the map, complete with little toy statues in place of soldiers.

Be careful using the phone inside. If you go too close to the back doors, they will open and release a deadly plush doll with a pair of huge machine guns! The whole house was flooded with endless streams of bullets. It is possible to unlock completely rich, funny and truly online multiplayer matches. Delight and / or confuse your friends!

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