BTS’s Jimin and V Debut Spark Solo Holiday Tunes Christmas Love

BTS member Jimin and V surprised fans with the release of the solo holiday tune.

On the eve of Christmas and on Christmas Day (KST), Jimin and V gifted music with a single track to VRAMY. Jimin has released “Christmas Love” co-produced by assistant BTS members, RM and Slow Rabbit, and V has debuted introducing “Snow Flower” featuring Pickboy.

“Oh I was waiting for this Christmas Day / My heart is already on this white street / Last night it snowed in my dream / You waited all day on the blanket,” Jimin sings “Christmas Love”.

According to Sompy, Jimin said in a blog post, “I wanted you all to hear this song and I’m so glad it was made possible.” For. As you can tell from the song, this song captures the feeling I had in one of my favorite childhood memories, which I see when I read in the thick snow. “

Jimin shared that as our faith grows, he believes, we miss our childhood. He hopes fans can look back and remember their innocent souls from the past. “I hope you can listen to the song and get back the memories you have,” he concluded.

Stream the song below.

A few hours later, on Christmas Day (December 25) at midnight KST, V made her holiday debut as “Snow Flower”.

“Christmas can’t just be Christmas without you / we don’t have bright miscellaneous, it’s just you and me,” V said.

“Since my mixtech was delayed, I apologized to Armywy, so I made this song early,” he wrote in a blog post. “I think a lot of people must feel the time off this year and I think there will be a lot of people who will feel more anxious and frustrated by the end of the year. I hope you will remember at least the white flowers for today and you will all feel at least some warmth and happiness. “

Listen to the song below.


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