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Bruce Campbell He made it clear on several occasions that he had retired from Ash’s work in a deadly mischief. Not even the director Sam Raymy, His best friend, could get him back to Chainsaw! But, Campbell’s Ash vs. bad weather Decoration Dana Delorenzo With Ray Santiago They thought they could do it.

In a recent comic book interview, DeLorenzo said:

“I feel like I can never say no. There are shows that can be canceled and brought to another network. I know Bruce says he’s retired, but I think I can confirm that. “

Santiago agrees and adds:

“I think enough time has passed. He just wants to cool down in the woods for a year or two and get out of the boomstick’s hands, then he’ll start looking for her, and he’ll be back. “

I do not know. I would be surprised if Campbell returns to work. Raymy and Campbell are planning to make several Evil Dead films but will not be part of Ash. The images they are now developing will focus on new behaviors that they themselves will face with negative consequences. They are bringing in new filmmakers to help him.

Commenting on passing someone else’s name, Campbell said:

“It is better to go to fools in an attempt to end the destruction of the earth. One boss tested – he did well. It’s time for other innocent people to try the world. There are more stories to tell.

“So we thought we had a good situation. We have a new movie directed by Sam Raimi. So he joined. We’ll be involved with the story, and we’ll try to make sure the actors don’t get watered down. Then we’ll do it again, yes. There are so many stories boring books… lots of people will enjoy. “

Ever since I saw The Dark Knight in theaters I’ve been a fan of this franchise, it’s my entry into Ash Williams and even if it’s not part of a future franchise, I’m curious about what’s to come!

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