Brooke Lesnar’s return, FTR is not tied to ATR

It could happen at Brooke Lesnar’s August August Slam event. And the FTR has not yet officially signed all Elite Wrestling.

Brock Lesnar is back to the original

The last time fans saw Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania’s 36th main event was when he lost the WWE Championship to Drake Mantier on the second day of the event.

Since then, there has been no sign of Lesnar or his lawyer, Paul Heyman.

They talked about Lesnar’s situation during the Wrestling Watch radio. Dave Meltzer commented that he should return to August SummerSlam.

In the past, SummerSlam was an event that Lesnar usually addresses. It will be interesting to see how the WWE brings Lesnar to the United States.

Lesnar lives in Canada and is currently banned from traveling due to COVID-19. Hopefully some restrictions will be lifted and foreign talent can start trapping the WWE.

It is common for Lesnar not to work for several months. Therefore, fans will not be surprised that they are missing from TV after a big match.

Brooke Lesnar returns to SummerSlam. 😍


– and Candidaliatmic (@candidaliatmic), 6 June 2020

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My prediction: Bobby Lashley will beat McIntyre in the draw and then we will finally get Lashley and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Why does WWE always include addresses in frauds that don’t need it !?

– JR (াটdotbizarm), 6 June 2020

Creator !! I just saw Brooke Lesnar return to #Summerslam

– WWL Lovatic (we wweLovatic4ever), 31 May 2020

As an opponent, it is unknown, but it is understandable to re-match McIntyre. SummerSlam was supposed to come from Boston, but it didn’t happen.

Vince McMahon wants the crowd for the extravagant summer event, which means he probably wants to take the card to the performance center. When COVID-19 spread, WWW was forced to launch its show from Florida.

The FUT has no agreement with the UU

Two weeks ago, FTR made its long-awaited debut at All Elite Wrestling (AW). Everyone thought Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood had a deal with AW, but it didn’t happen.

During the live Instagram broadcast, Harwood noted that they had not officially signed with AWW. Instead, both operate as part of the handshake business.

No agency has been hired because of COVID-19, FTR has not many options. Meanwhile, in the absence of the virus, both of them are looking for talent.

FTR vs. Young Books I’ve been waiting for #Aw

– JustCanan_ (@ JustCanan_19), June 4, 2020

For a year and a half, the FTR wanted to leave the WWE. He was repeatedly asked for his release, but was denied.

The WWE seems to be just waiting for both of their contracts to expire. However, they were released a few months ago.

The FTR, known as The Revival, was in a strange place in the WWW. The talent was there, yet they were often given a small role.

Nevertheless, in NXT, the two brought significant success. He has since been called to the main list and won the label three times.

The problem was, and WWE members continue to ignore the team division. After several attempts, the WWE basically abandoned the FTR and even wanted to clown them out.

The FTRT already has an angle to the UU using butcher and blades. Also, lots of fans are waiting for The Young Buck to fight after a year back on social media.

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