Britney Spears recovers her bikini body after the advent of individual exercises

The Britney Spears keep the sun moist during separation and look crisp when doing so.

The 38-year-old pop star posted a picture of herself walking in the sun wearing only a short bikini at the pool on Thursday.

“Great day !!!!” She wrote a slide show about her boyfriend Sam Asgari. “Rest in peace !!!!!”

Asghar, 26, posted the same picture and joked, “Who did better? I choose that Brittanyspire.”

A source said this week that the couple were separated together and “were very happy with a lot of training and being able to stay safe together.”

Asgari told us that he only included touch in a specially designed fitness program that is powered by push-ups, jumps, light weights and other exercises.

Earlier this week, Spears thanked her boyfriend on Instagram for training

“Thanks for continuing to take pictures of Samsagari !!!!!” A video caption they made. “I am proud of the fitness program to keep people in shape while they are at home. Couples who are trained together stay together. “

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