‘Britain’s Got Talent’ when judges removed the DURING live show law [VIDEO]

Believe me when we say there is no competitor like Marty Putz. Judges of Britain’s Got Talent Act stormed out of the theater in a fit of rage, soaking wet water and toilet rolls at the end of his insane performance. We’re not kidding.

Video: Get ready for launch! You’ve been invited to Marty’s party! | Semifinals | BGT 2018

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges walk out during Crazy Semi-Final Act

Back in 2018, Marty Putz made quite a statement during his tenure about Britain’s Got Talent, combining his love of humor and insane creation. Born in Canada, but now living in Los Angeles, Putz has completely avoided American gut talent, instead having his eye on the judging panel across the pond.

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Britain’s Got Talent is known for welcoming more variety than American alternatives, so it seems Putz himself knew what he was getting into.

When Martiti took part in the live show, Putz gave her everything she can now call the craziest performance to be officially featured on the show. Yes, even without every job in the Golden Market David has done year after year.

Image above: Marty was Britain’s Got Talent judge in hysterics at her first audition in London

The contestant began his acting career, before making several hilarious sketches he made off the rocket

As we thought the performance was coming to an end, Putz dropped the entire audience into a marshmallow fight with a water cannon explosion over the entire theater.

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Just seconds before David and Simon were both blasted with a toilet roll, Amanda and Alesha both seemed rather angry about the stunt as they walked out of the main auditorium.

Cowell was apparently shocked and upset that Marty was in the midst of the turmoil he created during his performance, although Williams claimed that Marty was exactly the kind of work that needed Britain’s goth talent to appeal to family audiences.

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Putz will have to move on to the final? Let us know in the comments below!

Video: Marie Putz covers Simon Cowell in the toilet roll! | Audition Week 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2018 2018

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