Britain’s Gal Talent Diversity Black Lives Matter routine captivates viewers

Viewers of Got Talent across the country have praised the variety of special dance routines dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

During yesterday evening’s semifinals (Saturday, September 5), the dance floor took to the stage with a performance that touches on the big events of 2020 to this day. In addition to tackling the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the winners of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 performed a series of tracks inspired by BLM.

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Significantly, at one point a man dressed as a police officer appeared with Army leader (and new BGT judge) Ashley Banjo on his knees. It echoed the death of George Floyd during his arrest by U.S. police in May, an event that sparked worldwide protests.

Describing the presentation in the original poem, Banjo said: “We all hid at the behest of the Prime Minister, people washed away their instincts and saw something worse. Another disease deeply involved in our system. Fear, hatred and ignorance. But racism was a symptom. “

The group then knelt on the stage in protest before saying the same thing to everyone: “Black Lives Matter.”

Home visitors appreciated the quick diversity to make a “sensitive and important” presentation for their platform.

Splits – Say what, how to send a message and how to use your platform. #blm #bgt

– MIKEL @ (@ Amlines05) September 5, 2020

The top-rated Saturday night television and dance group Diversity recently served a routine inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, with a police officer kneeling on member Ashley Banjo’s neck. Powerful. #Blm #bgt

– Sophie Morris (টitsophimomoris) September 5, 2020

Come on! @Variety_Island which was a powerful performance and message! I didn’t really expect it. It must be shown to the world. #BlackLives Matter #BGT জি BGT

– J. Stumps (@Jamistipsonuk) September 5, 2020

That diversity performance was absolutely weird, so informative, so sensitive, so powerful and needed to be seen everywhere, wow wow WW #BGT

– Shannon Co (@ Shannonkoi) September 5, 2020

. @Variety_bit #BGT has presented another incredible, emotional and important presentation

– Z (@Zedesterex) September 5, 2020

Speaking after the routine, Banjo said: “This performance is very special for me and the rest of the variety. 2020 was an incredible moment in history for both positive and negative reasons.

“We wanted to hear our voices, to use this platform, to think about how this year’s events made us feel and how we might look back on them in the future … we call it a hindsight.”

The pre-recorded show, which was filmed without a student audience, competed for a place in the grand finale of eight performances. These included comedian Steve Royal, dance paradise Urban Turtles, magician James Stott, father and son James and Dylan Piper, and Simon Cowell’s Golden Bowser Action, Faith Eiffel.

In a unanimous verdict, judges David Williams, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and Ashley Banjo (filling in when Cowell recovers after back surgery) decided that Steve Royal would continue the finals of the competition.

Britain’s Got Talent airs on ITV at 8:30 am on Saturday. If you are looking for more, check out our TV guide.

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