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Here’s a prediction: You’ll be desperate for a second season as soon as you finish the first of the Bridgeton season.

Set in Regency London, the Netflix drama is enlivened by Shonda Rhymes ’production company Sholandland and Shorna’s Chris Van Dussen; And it’s a great thing to be romantic and eye-catching and fun.

Here’s what we know about the two seasons so far:

What will be the second season of Bridgeton?

Sadly, there is still no news to share. Before the first season goes live on December 25, a Netflix spokesperson said That second season has yet to be confirmed.

However, we would be very surprised if Bridgeton didn’t get a second season. The show has received rave reviews from critics, including our five-star Bridgegarten review, and seems to be a hit for Netflix.

Furthermore, at one end of the Bridgarton season, a lot of unanswered questions remain. It hints even more – “Lady Whistledown” (Julie Andrews) told viewers at the end of the episode with a voiceover: “Of course, there are more consequences that will start anew.”

And Penelope Featherington-based actress Nicola Kafelan says she wants to return to Bridgarton for the second season, saying: “I want to go on that ride with her, to see how she’s changed. I really like to come back because I think we’ve just scratched the surface. And with so much cast on this show, there’s so much more to all the characters. “

He is not wrong; There are multiple books in Julia Quinn’s series of Bridgeton novels, and the first of the season covers only the first novel: Duke and I.

How could Bridgarton Season 2 be?

Well, the next novel in the Bridgeton series is The Viscount Who Love, and it’s about a young woman named Daphne’s older brother Anthony Breedarton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sheffield. So it is possible that season two will introduce us to the new heroine and focus on Anthony.


* Spoiler alert for first season *

We hope to find out more about the heir to the Featherington Estate after the untimely death of Lord Featherington (Ben Miller). And fans will wonder how it affects the fate of Penelope and her two sisters.

Speaking of Penelope, can he ever share his feelings with Colin Breedarton (Luke Newton)? And will Elise (Claudia Jesse) enter the marriage market despite her reluctance? And what will Benedict (Luke Thompson) continue to explore his passion for sex and art?

Bridgeton Season 2 Cast

Presumably, Daphne Bridgegarton (Phoebe Dinever) and Simon Bassett (Reggie-Jean Page) will no longer be the main characters in the show, now that their dispute has been resolved and they are happily having children at Slidden Castle. But we hope they both return as characters in the second season.

We hope that Bridgeton will include Julie Andrews for two seasons as Lady Whisdowndown, Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgarton), Golda Rociovel (Queen Charlotte), Nicola Kaflan (Penelope Federington) and the rest of the main cast as Joe Andom, Rudy Including Polly Walker.

It remains to be seen whether Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker) is revived in the story, marrying her deceased lover’s brother so that her unborn child can be bound in marriage. The two were last seen driving from Featherington House.

But the man who won’t get back is Ben Miller, who played Lord Featherington. Or should we say, the late Lord Featherington.

It’s likely that Netflix will announce more additions to the cast in two seasons – but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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