/Brian Datillo and Allison Sweeney go back to the days of our lives

Brian Datillo and Allison Sweeney go back to the days of our lives

Soaps.com reports that Brian Datillo, who played Ludus Horton in mid-June, will return to Sudre in mid-June. Allison Suivinio, who played Sami Brady, will return to Salam.

Also, in the case of Accelerated Aging Syndrome (SORAS), Lindsay will make her DOL debut as Arnold Lucas and Sammy’s daughter Ally Horton. The character was born in October 2007 and last appeared as twins Campbell and Caroline Rose. But when she returns this month, she will surrender to the young woman and become pregnant.

The reason for the return of Oli and Lucas is that the Spellers have arranged for the adoption of the unborn child of Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and Sonny Kyriakis (Freddie Smith).

Sami, meanwhile, will have other things on his mind when he meets Salam this summer, such as his marriage to Nicole Walker (Arian Zucker) of twin Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn). She’s not happy that Eric is marrying Nicole and won’t keep quiet about it.

In the DOL summer review, Sami is shown pressing the bride and showing her in her own wedding cake. But how long will Lucas, Sami and Ali Salam stay? Stay tuned for DOL!

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