Brave and beautiful spoiler: Who is Steffi’s baby daddy?

Steffi may be pregnant and Liam and Finn may be the parents of the child. Peak Credit: CBS

Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers have revealed in CBS Soap next week that the news of the baby dropped last Thursday is going to focus on viewers.

Steffi (Jacqueline McInes Wood) has revealed that she is pregnant with Liam (Scott Clifton), and this week, it will reveal the intensity of the effects of their one-night stand that is no more than just their relationship with their love.

Liam is Babu Babu?

This story was seen one mile away. There is no doubt about the bomb that was dropped. Steffi and Liam spent the night together, and shortly afterwards he was sleeping with Finn (Tanner Novalan).

Of course, Liam was the one he called first. In the preview video for The Bold and The Beautiful, Steffi makes it clear that she thinks he is the father, but there is a possibility that he is not.

Another “prison daddy” is the strainline of the story and it now suffers from a relationship where fans are pleading for where Steffi is concerned. Finn thought it should all be over and now the writers are hating one more steam.

What was supposed to be a one-night stand and privacy has turned into Liam’s nightmare. Not only did he have to face the possibility of having three children, he also had to come close to his wife Hope (Anika Knoll).

Hmmm / Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) pairing is in progress. When he finds out the truth, will he run into the hands of the man who has been obsessed with him for months? Probably looks like a scene.

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Finn, baby?

Unfortunately, this is an impossible idea. In the direction of the play and in the way of the typical The Bold and The Beautiful, Bates is on the point that Liam will be the father of Steffi’s new child.

Hope had more to Finn and Steffi. Even with the addictive storyline, it seemed like the writers were putting them together in the long run. Their timeline was a bit hasty, and now it seems, things could have been done with her Forrester daughter even before the start.

It remains to be seen how all this can be played. Finn will probably stand next to Steffi if Lynn and Hope are separated. Anything can happen, but the baby’s father saw the storyline come a mile away from most viewers, and now, it’s unrealistic in front of them.

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