/Branwin Windham-Burke teases RHOC Season 15 Reunion

Branwin Windham-Burke teases RHOC Season 15 Reunion

There was something horrible about the RHOC reunion of Branwin Windham-Burke. Peak Credit: Casey Darkin / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

We’ve already seen a part of one of the Real Housewives at the Orange County Reunion and fans are waiting for the rest.

Branwin is still in the hot seat as expected at Windham-Burke.

The RHOC star had the most startling story this season, but it didn’t sit well with his actors.

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The women were beating up the seven-mother in the media and they were also watching her at the reunion.

Now, Branwin is sharing more about the exciting moments and claiming that his co-stars have lied about him.

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Brunuin admitted at an embarrassing moment in the reunion

Orange County star Real Housewives sat down for a video chat with U.S. Weekly.

During his interview, the 43-year-old expressed annoyance about the two-part event and admitted that it was fairly in his favor.

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“It was tough,” Brownwin admitted. “I had an ownership of something that I did when I was going black … was horrible and I was really embarrassed.”

He explained, “So, it was basically the hardest thing to do … it was the hardest thing for me. You know, there was one thing that was tough because I don’t think I did it, but I know I did it.”

He did not elaborate on what Branwin did, saying it was “horrible”, but there were rumors.

Initially, it was claimed that the Bravo housewife, Stella, the daughter of Shannon Bioder, had offered cocaine at the age of 14.

Shannon, however, has since denied cocaine claims.

There seems to be a question of some kind of substance, it is not yet clear what this insistence is.

Branwin says he was lied to

During his chat with the media outlet, Brownwin spoke of some memorable moments of reunion.

He claimed that the real housewives of the Orange County actors lied about him.

Brownwin claimed, “A lot of lies have been told about me this year.

“A lot of people say, ‘I hire an investigator, or I don’t.’ I hired a photographer for Black Lives Matter, I don’t do that, ”he commented as the RHOC star continued to publish a false list of allegations against him.“ I don’t pay my taxes, my husband moved in – because at the time he didn’t, “He added.

“So, there’s a lot of lies here,” Branwin said. And at one point I was like you know I’m not doing it anymore. I can’t just sit here, you guys listen out loud and often believe. Like I’m out, you know.

“And it was tough,” the Orange County housewife added.

Real Housewives of the Orange County Reunion aired Wednesday, January 22 at 9/8 C in Bravo.

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