Boys star Chase Crawford in Patton Oswalt’s ‘Bizarre’ Cameo

Boys star Chase Crawford reveals how the show portrayed one of his fancy scenes, which saw comedian Patton Oswalt lend a few gills to his voice.

Amazon Prime’s hit satirical drama has made a long-awaited comeback, with Crawford’s character, The Deep, hitting the rock bottom after being embroiled in a scandal in the first season.

In the second episode of the second season, the aquatic crimefighter experiences a drug-induced hallucination, and Joe Cocker’s URE in Oswalt’s voice ends the song with his own gill.

I’m talking And other media recalls filming Crawford’s surreal hierarchy: “They told me they got it for him (Oswalt), but he hasn’t recorded his stuff yet. So their only axis was the director or someone reading the lines.”

“It’s weird, it’s weird. Acting was an interesting exercise, but I was ready for it.”

Yet Crawford acknowledged some frustration with the performance of the scene, especially since it did not fit into their packed schedule.

He continued: “We didn’t shoot that scene when we were shooting that episode, so it hung in my head in the first half of the year. I was like ‘When will they drop on me?’.

“And they dropped it on me at the lowest moment for a second and they were almost free that they did it, because I just had to jump.

“It was a bit of a small crew and we had to do it all day, we had no front or back view of breathing on our necks. So we took our time with it, which was really nice.

Oswalt was announced as a “secret role” in the two boys’ season late last year, but that didn’t come as a surprise to fans.

Thank you @PatnosWalt, it was amazing! #TheBoyTVTV # Season 2 #Secret Roll The BoyzTV #TheBoyce @ PrimeVideo #SSNFMI

– Eric Kripke (@ Kripke here) October 17, 2019

A singer was present to direct Crawford’s classic love song presentation as Oswalt’s performance was recorded on a later date.

Crawford added: “He was trying to keep me in the key and it was all sorts of weird and bizarre, and I want to make it heartbreaking and weak too. I think, after watching it, it worked for better or worse … it It must have been a strange thing for me to do. “

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