Borderlands 3: How to Unlock the Secret Voltaire Treasure Room Yeh Who Achievement Guide

The Super-Vault at the end of Borderlands 3’s final DLC doesn’t just have a secret room – it has two secret rooms! And it is virtually impossible to find out for yourself. By shooting very specific (and well-hidden) buttons you can unlock a bonus room in the vaulted vault. This bonus room is full of wealth and there is an extra room with more treasures in that room – it just seems confusing because it is.

Finding all the yellow buttons is a huge pain in the butt. The first set is complex, but the second set is almost impossible. There are a total of 24 buttons and if you find them all and reach the secret chamber, you will achieve a very rare ‘Yeh Who Enter’ success / trophy. It’s a fun bonus that only makes you fake a unique legendary gun. I found out Hellwaller Doom (201 2016) Easter egg shotgun is my first run!

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You need access to the vault to access the secret room and unlock the ‘Yeh Enter’ achievement / trophy. This is the area before the boss’s stall / treasure room. There Multiple yellow buttons You need to shoot

Shoot right at the beginning Three yellow buttons Roofing. There is one at the bottom of the crowned skeleton and one at the left and one at the right.

There Three more yellow buttons To shoot before entering the boss’s yard. Enter Lesinhall And go to the boss door with the giant mask. First turn the button around and look at the wall above / opposite. One is under the mask, and the third is in the rubble on the right side of the main road.

Defeat the boss on the field and then turn towards the entrance. You will find these easily Three yellow buttons On the back wall. We’ve hit nine buttons so far – there are three more to unlock the sealed room.

Defeat the boss and enter the deadline vault. You have Limited amount of time, So you need to quickly draw the next three yellow buttons – the first one below the exit door. Use the ground slam to break the floor directly below the entrance to the exit door to find a secret room with this button. On the ground to the left of another room – this is on the second left platform. The last is on the wall opposite the secret room.

  • Note:: The Secret Room is far behind the limited time treasure vault. Use the left-hand jump-pads to climb up and reach it.

Shoot all 12 yellow buttons and the secret room will be unlocked! Once you get inside, you go there To shoot more secret buttons – But you will Unlimited time to look for them. The timer will stop in this secret room.

There 12 more buttons You need to shoot to unlock the super-secret hidden room.

  • Button # 1: Just above the back of the diamond-shaped seal house. There is a center.
  • Button # 2: Above the same seal, in a left corner.
  • Button # 3: The last one is in the right corner.
  • Button # 4: There is a trunk-shaped light just above the entrance to a secret room.
  • Button # 5: There is a button on the left / right side of the entrance door next to the diamond shaped seals.
  • Button # 6: There are two – one on the right and one on the left.
  • Button # 7: There are three more in the pyramid-shaped forcefield above the entrance. Is in a top corner.
  • Button # 8: In a left corner.
  • Button # 9: In a right corner.
  • Button # 10: See the large purple-accented symbol on the back wall directly from the bottom. Visible in a center.
  • Button # 11: There’s a left.
  • Button # 12: The last one is on the right.

Hit all the buttons and the final loot zone will be unlocked. There are two more big bonus books and three regular books. You can also earn the hardest-earning earnings in this DLC – ‘Who Enters’ earnings / trophies.

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