Borderlands 3: Grace of Blood – Jurassic Park, COVID and more Easter eggs you don’t want to miss

Don’t like KOID? Don’t even end the developers in the gearbox. Borderlands 3 is packed with an insane amount of Easter eggs and extras for player discovery – and it’s on top of the regular ridiculous content you’ll see.

Blood DLC Bunty is no different, where you’ll complete a cut version of the hero’s journey or fight enemies by making them extremely delicious while bathing with

But you will also find references and Easter eggs throughout the new map. So far we’ve received angry developer messages, Jurassic Park Crush and more. In the whole guide below for your personal feelings we have discovered that any and all Easter eggs listed

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Cabin fever is a bad case

Stencils were found behind a building before reaching Vestage.

When crossing the first bridge, go to the right instead of the left – and you can mark the shouting on the side with these letters. We’re all incredibly sick of segregation (no fear of purpose), and it looks like a map in a gearbox rees

Here it is to be hoped that the gods will be safe in this challenging time, and indeed – F U COVID.

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Jurassic Park Tree Problems

There are multiple Jurassic Park Easter eggs in the Sardeu Valley of Blastplains that started with a crash rover found hanging from a tree to the right of the entrance behind the catch-a-ride station. The rover, as we all know, is interestingly seen with specially painted cars in Jurassic Park and is a reference to the scene where Alan Grant and his children’s church disintegrate the T-Rex and fall off the cliff edge.

  • Note:: The skin of the car Jurassic Park is actually available for collection Eden-6. It’s a random skin that you might call ‘I like dinosaurs’!

There’s more! The famous T-Rex scene, the telephone ringing inside a T-Rex, and many more appear in the final search for the location of the Solar Valley. A little mention of the Solardeo Valley Stardow Valley – a pretty popular farming / social indie game.

Godzilla’s parents get an out of it

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The film studio responsible for a small character named Godzilla has received a clear call-out at the Cox Theater of Blood Grace. At the Cox Theater and all the weird combination of Wild West and Japanese influences on this planet you will find the logo of a special production company that will look almost (almost) like Toho Studios.

Everyone in America knows Disney, twentieth-century Fox, Lionsgate, and more iconic acquaintances on the move – but not all of us know about Toho. The logo is literally the same, only the Japanese nonsense has been replaced with the language of the future.

City of Vastige (Population: Gearbox)

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Here’s a fun little Easter egg that will get you closer to God. Hidden in Hina’s Hackienda in the top-level bathroom, you can see a picture of the Visitage Townsfolk assembled. Of course, it’s actually the over-developers in the gearbox, posing in the old-fashioned sepia tone and wearing cowboy gear to better match the image.

If you look closely, you will see a ‘Vastage’ logo at the top left, which is the name of the wild west city you will occupy in this DLC. At the bottom of the rally, there is a small note commenting on the “Old Crew” as of 2020. It was always nice to see the team backed up – and hopefully no one will just get sick of it.

Any other Easter eggs found? We always search for more! We will update this article with what we found in the new DLC drop for Borderlands 3.

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