Body Cruiser’s sexual misconduct case against Broad Weber has been dismissed

Attorney Lisa Bloom suffered another blow this week in a sexual abuse case against renowned photographer Bruce Weber.

A judge dismissed his client Buddy Cruiser’s lawsuit against Weber because a source claimed his alleged recollection of what happened at the time seemed weak.

Cruiser alleges that fashion shutterbug Weber “used his power in the male modeling industry to seduce and force her to engage in abusive commercial sex during two separate photoshoots.” Unfortunately for Cruiser, however, he was not able to get direct dates in court documents.

A source familiar with the case told Page Six, “He appeared as if he was trying to bring the incident into line with the Constitution of Restrictions, so the judge saw through it,” a source familiar with the case told Page Six. “Bruce and his team had records and evidence that contradicted the cruiser’s story every time, and the judge called Bruce’s evidence” irrational. “

But Bloom told us, “Like many sexual harassment complainants, [Krueger] We had to fight a strict law of restraint, which unfairly limits the time that defendants accused of sexual harassment can file a case, no matter how strong their case. His dismissal was based solely on that timeline and had nothing to do with the veracity of Mr. Cruz’s allegations. ”

“Bruce plans to hold the plaintiff fully accountable and disclose his false and false allegations,” said a source close to Weber.

Bloom is a reporter for five other people who accused the photographer of sexual harassment.

In June, Bloom was ordered to pay Weber more than 28 28,000 in legal costs after one of his key witnesses refused to answer specific questions in a lawsuit brought against another plaintiff, model Jason Boyce. A judge denied Weber’s request to dismiss the case

“Mr. Krueger will testify as one of the five defendants who are standing by as witnesses to the impending trial,” Bloom said.


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