Blue Jazz will face Jack Britton to complete the 2020 MLB outline

Outfielder Zach has chosen Britain’s Lewisville as the final choice for the Toronto Blue Jazz 2020 MLB project.

Five of Toronto’s favorites about the two-day draft were college players, published by first-round Austin Martin.

Britain has a great shot at 3222 / .466 / .542. This season he has led Louisville to 1 game and led the first division in all divisions with 11 doubles. He posted .837 OPS in five home games in the 55 NCAA competition in 2019.

The 21-year-old will play exclusively on the roster in 2020, but he also saw time at first base during his development.

Experts like it no matter what

Through BA, Britain has “fairly valid shifts in the number of good bat speeds and amazing departure speeds” and “its strength has doubled compared to the extra fence.” Probably looking LF

– Shi Davidi (Hyshavidi) June 12, 2020

Toronto’s last choice was Jack Britton and it was probably their best choice. Playing C, can be UTL type and can play 3B / LF. Loose compact pendant, going all over the region, is the 176th player on my board.

– Mason Macra (.Mason_Mcry) June 12, 2020

I had a great look at Jack Britton at the bottom of Oxford at the start of the weekend. I like the LH stroke of the liquid, at the serious speed of the night, leaving the ball on the oppo with a gap of authority. The former catcher, once switched to LF and just dropped the rack, really took the bat with him.

– Aaron Fit (.aronfit) June 12, 2020

Update: Zach Britton’s trip to Toronto

“Zach was ready to play and this is what we are very proud of in our program. He has already got his degree and he is ready to play. He is a professional and he works very hard.” – Dr. McDonnell

– Cameron Teague (.cj_teague) June 12, 2020

Here is a swing from Jack Britton (Owl LouisvilleBSB) that got the Blue James in 136.

We think there is a possibility of introducing more power as professionals.

Full Scout Conclusion:

– Baseball America (aseBaseballAmerica) on June 12, 2020

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