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The opportunity has become very exciting.

In the next phase of the 24-team return plan, the NHL uses a list of protocols to prevent the coronavirus from spreading the coronavirus.

“I know Tortos will have no problem with social distance,” Kekalainen said of John Tortorella, his team’s occasional head coach who fully grasps the value of solitude. “She’ll be fine with her horse and dog.”

The rest of the jacket players, coaches and staff start training camp on Monday and plan to tour their quarantine “bubble” in Toronto on July 2nd?

Well, the league’s plans to reduce the COVID-19 infection will basically stay away from them and their personal choice team advantage. Will they wear masks, socially distance themselves from the public, and sing “Happy Birthday” twice while scrubbing their hands?

We’re going to find out.

“As a team in our group chat we have already discussed that we are all doing this to be able to come back and play and we don’t want to make any compromises,” said defender David Savard, representative of Jacket’s NHLPA player and frequent organizer of those chats.

“We told you to be smart about going public only then, and when we have to wash our hands when we get home, all our belongings will be washed and I think people will follow it. The boys didn’t come back from all over the world (to their NHL hometowns) because they couldn’t play. “

To make sure this happened, keeping the CVD-19 transmission low for all 24 team players and staff – a matter that can be a challenge to strictly adhere to protocol and respect arrangements at home.

The virus has spread to most parts of the United States because of COVID-19 in several cases involving NHL teams participating in new tournaments, including teams from Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

League and NHLPA officials were less concerned about these markets during a press conference on Saturday, but Tampa Bay Lighting already had to close their second practice facility during the second phase of the workout, and that was three weeks ago – when players were restricted to any group larger than six. Was.

Lightning has reopened its facility, but the number of Florida cases has skyrocketed. The most recent update on the transition between NHL players released in July states that 35 players tested positive since the start of the second round on June 8, 26 who also tested positive and 12 more leagues took part in the second round. ”Who tested positive outside the league-sponsored test.

Locally, Blue Jackets will train at arenas and connected OhioHealth Ice House nationwide. The downtown facility is located in the heart of Franklin County, which has seen the largest number of cases in the state and adds more on a daily basis.

Assistance in the fight against the outbreak includes health protocols and adequate preventive measures for each team of players and travel party members based on the strict protocols required for volunteer workouts that began in early June during Phase 2 camp.

Tests for the virus will now be conducted every other day instead of twice a week, and twice-daily temperature tests will be mandatory for players and everyone with access to them. Masks are mandatory for everything outside of off-ice workouts and practice, keeping the rigorous synthesis process as well as equipment managers and athletic trainers busy.

Away from the courtyard, however, the players and staff of other teams will be on their own. Even if one or two people throw themselves at risk of infection, it can be a problematic idea.

No other professional athlete, of course, can assemble the military as a common cause for hockey players. Blue jackets are already doing it.

“In your own town it’s just a temptation and I think here it comes down to your promise, ‘Do you want to win the Stanley Cup or not?’ “Captain Nick Foligano, who is survived by his wife and three children, said Ontario’s youngest children to join his teammates in Columbus.

“It simply came to our notice then. Are you willing to give up some short-term monotony or whatever you want to say to give your team a chance to win the cup? What a great message you would send to your teammates if you agreed to do it. I think it will bring the teams closer. “

Either way, the answer will be published in a few weeks.

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